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Natta Adavu Thirteenth Step

I have been getting mails for the Visharu Adavu posting. But a last post for Natta Adavu is still pending. Lets see how the thirteenth step is done. Watch the video for Natta Adavu Thirteenth step.

1.Be in Ardhamandala with hands held close to the chest in katakamukha mudra. Lets start with the right hand side.

2.Taking the right leg forward in Alidha, bend down with hands almost touching the right feet. Hands are in Alapadma mudra. Say Tai Yum.


3.In the same position above tap the left leg. Say Tat Tat.

4. Then bring the right leg behind the left leg(crossed leg). Now the body is erect. Hands are stretched above the head. Right hand actually holding the two finger of left hand (index and middle finger). Say Tai Hi.


5. In the above crossed leg position tap the left leg. Say Ya Ha.

6. Now jump on the toes like we did for the Eight step. Hands stretched sideways at the shoulder level in katakamukha mudra. Say Tai Yum.


7. In the above position tap the left feet. Say Tat Tat.


8. Now lift the right leg up (like the Nataraja pose). Hands are crossed, held close to the chest in Alapadma Mudra. Say Tai Hi.


9. Sit down in poorna mandala posture with hands stretched sideways in Katakamukha Hasta. Say Ya Ha.


Note that while in poorna mandala posture (complete sitting) the heels are raised and not flat on the ground. Also this is not a complete sitting posture and the inner thighs do not touch the heels. There is a gap of 1 inch between the Thighs and the Heels

So, the Sollukettu “Tai Yum Tat Tat Tai Hi Ya Ha” is repeated twice for each side. Repeat the above instructions on the left hand side as well to finish the second count.

This is the last step for Natta Adavu. Practice all the steps from1 to 13 thoroughly before you move ahead. After having followed the steps thoroughly, try doing them faster.

Watch the video for Natta Adavu Thirteenth step.

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