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Natta Adavu – Twelfth Step

1. Be in Ardhamandala with hands close to the chest in Katakamukha mudra.

2. Stretch your leg to your right hand side in Alidha . As if touching your feet bend sideways and right hand at the feet in Alapadma mudra and left hand stretched up which is also in Alapadma mudra. Say Tai Yum.


3. In the above position tap your left leg . say Tat tat.

4. Now we need to face the left hand side. For this turn your body to the left side. Now lift you right leg slightly and place your foot on the floor and Heels facing the ceiling. Say Tai Hi.


5. In the above position Tap your left leg. Say Ya ha.

6. Now place your right leg forward in Alidha and bend forward such that hands are touching the feet in Alapadma Mudra. Say Tai Yum.


7.In the above position Tap the left feet. Say Tat tat.

8. Be erect and bring back your right leg and tap while in Ardhamandala. Say Tai Hi.

9.Then tap your left foot. Say Ya Ha.

Here we repeat the sollukettu Tai yum tat tat tai hi ya ha two times to finish one count. In the same manner follow the instructions to do on the left side.

Also take a look at the Natta Adavu Twelfth Step Video . Videos for the previous steps are here.


  1. shivani

    madam am anew learner which pattern do follow to learn like what to learn first natta adavu or alaripu or kattu adavu

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