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Nātyārambham 1- the Beginner course in Bharatanatyam.

Thank you for your interest in Online Bharatanatyam classes.
We are happy to announce our next batch for Nātyārambham 1- the Beginner course in Bharatanatyam.

This course is for absolute beginners. You will learn the fundamental movements in Bharatanatyam – Adavus.

The word “Adavu” is a building block of the dance form. Just like a combination of alphabets give words and thereafter sentences, Adavus are combined to form a dance sequence in Bharatanatyam.

An Adavu is a combination of:

  • Position of the legs (Sthanakam)
  • The posture of our standing (Mandalam)
  • Walking movement (Chari)
  • Hand gestures (nritta hastas)

All the four done in synchronization with Rhythm or Tala is Adavu.

Great! So let us see which Adavus we will learn in this course.

What is covered?

We have 10 Adavus in Bharatanatyam.

We have divided the course into two parts – Nātyārambham-1 and Nātyārambham-2.

This course, Nātyārambham-1, includes the following:

  1. Namaskara kriya
  2. Vyayaam/Exercise to begin Natyam
  3. Tatta Adavu,
  4. Natta Adavu,
  5. Visharu Adavu
  6. Tattimetti Adavu
  7. Kuditta Metta Adavu

We will practice four variations of each of the Adavus above.
Other than Adavu practice, we will also cover the following:

  • Asamyukta Hastas (Single hand gestures)
  • Mandala Bhedas (Standing positions)
  • Greeva Bhedas (Neck Movements)

How would it work?

You will learn the above Adavus, Hastas, and Bhedas in 16 sessions of 1 hour each.

The classes will be divided into learning and practice sessions including breakouts with your team members.

We will also explore the numerous variations and improvisations that can be incorporated for each technique.

What is included?

The course includes the following:

  • Live online sessions with your Bharatanatyam teacher
  • Pre-recorded session course videos to prepare
  • Course material as appropriate

Limited spots9 people limit to enable the best teacher-student relationship. We will have breakouts for more interactions and practice.

Time Commitment1 hour per week for 16 weeks on Saturdays.

Format: Online Video sessions. (e.g. Zoom or Teams or Google)

How to get started?

Please fill up below form and confirm your interest to join the course. We will together have an initial trial session, finalize your time slot and payment schedule. 

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    1. Emerald

      Thank you mam/sir..for the online classes.. I’m a just beginner.. I hope so, I can gain as much from online class.

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