Mandi Adavu First and second variation

November 10th, 2009 5 Comments

The first variation uses the Shikhara and pataka hand gesture. Begin the step with a jump down to the Muzumandi mandi position. Hands in Shikahra hasta. Say Ta Ka. Then rise up facing the left. Left leg bent and right leg stretched back on the toes. Left hand in Shikara and right hand in Pataka […]

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Jaati Adavu In Bharatanatyam part 2 (video)

August 24th, 2009 9 Comments

This video demonstrates the Chatushra Jati and Khanda Jati. Chatushra Jati has 3 syllables (beats) Ta Ka Dhi Mi. Khanda Jati has 5 syllables (beats) Ta Ka Taa Ki Ta. Chatushra Jati can be done in two ways. 1. As we begin with the right side, tap your leg once and raise it on the […]

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Pada-artha, Vakya-artha and Sanchari

April 27th, 2009 5 Comments

Recently one of my readers had asked about the following concepts. 1. Pada-artha 2. Vakya-artha 3. Sanchari Thought I shall do a posting on this. They form an important part of Nritya and Natya. Often considered when Abhinaya dance pieces like Padam or a varnam is being choreographed. Every padam or varnam has the above┬áconcepts […]

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KudittaMetta Adavu First and second variation (video)

April 9th, 2009 2 Comments

Following is the video for the first and the second variation of KudittaMetta. The Bols are Tai Gha Tai Ghi. The most commonly used hand gestures are Alapadma and Katakamukha. In the first variation the hand moves with every sylable. Which means at Tai the hands are stretched out and jump on the toes. At […]

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Sarikal Adavu In Bharatanatyam

February 27th, 2009 9 Comments

Sarikal means to slide. Here as one foot is lifted and placed the another foot slides towards it. Then the feet takes the Anchita position where the feet rests on the heel. This position is also called as Tadittam. Then both the feet tap together with a slight jump. Bols (syllables or sollukettu) of the […]

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Sarikal Adavu First Variation (video)

February 27th, 2009 7 Comments

Before you begin the step, practice the Anchita position for some time. This video specifically demonstrates this position at the beginning . Anchita is when we are balancing on the heels and the toes are raised. The Bols (syllables or the sollukettu) are Tai Ya Tai Hi. Also read the explanation this step here.

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Teermanam Adavu Second and Seventh variation sollukettu (Audio)

February 12th, 2009 No Comments

Following is the sollukettu for the second and the seventh variation. The bols are “Tai Dhit Dhit Tai“. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] If you would like to download this audio, right click here and save to computer

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Teermanam Adavu First and Sixth variation Sollukettu (audio)

January 28th, 2009 No Comments

Here is the sollukettu (Bols or syllables) for first and the sixth variation. The Bols are “Dhit Dhit Tai”. It is sung in three speed for the purpose of practice. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] If you would like to download this audio, right click here and save to computer

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Teermanam Adavu Twelfth Variation

January 20th, 2009 4 Comments

Now this step is one of my favorites. The Bols of which are Tai Tai Dhit Dhit Tai. Also a new leg position called the Prenkhana is introduced. When one leg is grounded and the other leg is on toes with heels raised, it is said to be Prenkhana. 1. Be in Ardhamandala. Hand stretched […]

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Teermanam Adavu Eleventh Variation

January 9th, 2009 No Comments

Here is the explanation of the eleventh variation. The Bols (sollukettu) are Tai Tai Dhit Dhit Tai. I shall post the video soon. 1.Be in Ardhamandala. Keep your hands in Natyarambhe position. Natyarambhe is a position when the hands are stretched out sideways, elbows slightly bent and not dropping down and the palms in Pataka […]

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