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Mandi Adavu in Bharatanatyam

Mandi in some Indian languages refers to area around the thigh and knee. In some instance we can refer it to a bent knee. Eg: Araimandi is where the knee is half bent. Muzumandi or poorna mandala is where the knee is fully bent.

In mandi adavus we make use of the Muzumadi position often. Steps could vary from jumps in poorna mandala to jumping and touching one knee on the floor.

Tips: In muzumandi the thigh and the calf donot touch. In other words the heels donot touch the buttocks. Also the whole body is balanced on the toes.

Following video shall demonstrate the variations in Mandi Adavus.

1. Mandi Adavu first and second variation

2. Mandi Adavu Third variation

3. Mandi Adavu Fourth Variation


  1. madhavi

    mandi adavu step is beautiful to see leg to jump and fold right s left and see eyes are shaking beautyful s wonderful step.bye…………

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