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  1. History of Bharatanatyam– part1
  2. History of Bharatanatyam-part 2  (by Ashraya Ananthanarayanan)
  3. Can we learn Bharatanatyam online?
  4. We can learn Bharatanatyam online !
  5. Famous Bharatanatyam Dancers


  1. The Basics Of Bharatanatyam (3N)
  2. Namaskar – A Traditional way to start!
  3. Adavu (The initial steps)
  4. More about Adavus
  5. Hand Gestures (Nritta hastas or Hasta Bhedas)
  6. Four Points to consider with Ardhamandala Posture


  1. Tatta Adavu in Bharatanatyam
  2. Natta Adavu in Bharatanatyam
  3. Visharu Adavu in Bharatanatyam
  4. TattiMetti Adavu in Bharatanatyam
  5. Teermanam Adavu in Bharatanatyam
  6. Sarikal Adavu in Bharatanatyam
  7. KudittaMetta Adavu in Bharatanatyam

Mudras and Bhedas

  1. Asamyukta Hastas or Single Hand Gestures
  2. Samayukta Hastas or Double Hand Gestures
  3. Dashavatara hastas – Hand gestures for the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu
  4. Devata Hastas- hand gestures for hindu deities
  5. Greeva Bheda or Neck Movements
  6. Shiro Bheda or Head movements
  7. Drishthi Bheda or Eye Movemets


  1. Bharatanatyam Namaskar
  2. Ardhamandala in Bharatanatyam
  3. Tatta Adavu in Bharatanatyam
  4. Natta Adavu in Bharatanatyam
  5. Visharu Adavu In Bharatanatyam
  6. TattiMetti Adavu in Bharatanatyam
  7. Teermanam Adavu in Bharatanatyam
  8. Sarikal Adavu in Bharatanatyam
  9. KudittaMetta Adavu in Bharatanatyam
  10. Sutral (Murka) Adavu in Bharatanatyam
  11. Jaati Adavu in Bharatanatyam
  12. Mandi Adavu in Bhartanatyam
  13. Korvai or a Dance sequence
  14. Alarippu
  15. Pushpanjali
  16. Shlokam
  17. Kautukam
  18. Natesha Kautukam
  19. Jatiswaram-1
  20. Jatiswaram  -2
  21. Jatiswaram -3
  22. Mallari
  23. Tillana


  1. Tatta Adavu first and the second variation sollukettu
  2. Tatta Adavu Third, Fourth and Fifth variation sollukettu
  3. Tatta adavu sixth variation sollukettu
  4. Natta Adavu sollukettu
  5. Visharu Adavu sollukettu
  6. TattiMetti Adavu sollukettu
  7. Teermanam Adavu first and Sixth variation Sollukettu
  8. Teermanam Adavu Second and Seventh Variation Sollukettu
  9. Teermanam Adavu Third and Eight Variation Sollukettu
  10. Teermanam Adavu Fourth and Ninth Variation Sollukettu
  11. Teermanam Adavu Fifth and Tenth Variation Sollukettu
  12. Teermanam Adavu Twelfth Variation Sollukettu
  13. Sarikal Adavu Sollukettu
  14. KudittaMetta Adavu Sollukettu
  15. Sutral Adavu Sollukettu
  16. Jati Adavu Sollukettu


  1. The Relevance of a Guru (by Meenakshi Ajay)
  2. Interrelation of arrested movements and moving sculptures (by Suparna Banerjee)
  3. How to prepare for a stage show
  4. Abhinaya in Dance
  5. Abhinaya in Dance (Part 2)
  6. Abhinaya in Dance (Part 3)
  7. Navarasa- The Nine Moods
  8. The cause and effect of Rasa-sutra (by Sangeeta Ishwaran)
  9. Book Review: Personal development for Smart people
  10. Malabika Sen dancing on Kalika Stotram
  11. Anuradha Venkatraman and her amazing Abhinaya
  12. Apalam Chapalam- Old melodies
  13. Padmabhushan Kalanidhi Narayanan (An interview on
  14. Pada-artha, Vakya-artha and Sanchari
  15. A Deeper insight on Theermanams (by Shri Ajay and Smt Aarthy Ananthanarayanan)
  16. Tala System (by Shri Ajay and Smt Aarthy Ananthanarayanan)
  17. NatyaKala conference 2009
  18. Carnatic Music in Dance (by Ashraya Ananthanarayanan)
  19. Comparison between Western and Carnatic music (by Ashraya Ananthanarayanan)
  20. Effect of Dance on Young Minds (Arathi.P)
  21. Rhythms and their vibration on young minds (Arathi.P)