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Chatura Hand Gesture (Mudra)

When the thumb in Mrigashirsa mudra is held at the base of the Index, middle and ring finger we get the Chatura Hasta.


Viniyoga Shloka:

Kasturiyam Kinchidarthay cha Swaranay Tamray cha lohakay

ardray khayday rasaswaday lochanay varnabhedany

pramanay sarasay mandagamanay shaklikrutay

Ananay Dhrutatailadau yujyantay chatura karaha

Following are the instances where Chatura can be used

  • Kinchidarthay: To indicate lesser quantity
  • Kasturiyam: Musk
  • Swaranay : Gold
  • Tamray : Copper
  • lohakay: Iron
  • ardray: Dampness
  • khayday : Grief
  • rasaswaday : Aesthetic pleasures
  • lochanay : Eyes
  • varnabhedany: Difference in caste
  • pramaanay: Proof
  • sarasay : Sweetness
  • mandagamanay: Slower gait
  • shakalikrutay: Breaking into pieces
  • Ananay: Face
  • Dhrutatailadau : Oil and ghee

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