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Natta Adavu Thirteenth Step (Video)

Lets watch the Thirteenth step of Natta Adavu. You can also read an explanation of the Thirteenth step here.

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  1. Meghna G

    Hi Anjali.

    I am fascinated by the kinetic quality of your dancing style and the fact that it is so powerful in its communication techniques. Choreography and repertoire of performances reflect rich Indian cultural heritage. Indeed its both an Indian and contemporary style.

    Thanks .


    Meghna. G.

  2. Beatrice

    Hello Anjali,

    I have just started Bharatanatyam and I am finding your site very helpful. Doing the dance is a joy.

    But please could you advise how I can prtoect my knees in this deep sitting posture in the 13th natta adavu? I am a bit worried about them. In class my teacher does this pose a lot.

    Generally, how can someone who is new (and not altogether young!) to the dance approach the more strenuous poses carefully/slowly?
    Is it possible to take the dance to a high level if you start late? (I am a fit 36).
    Thanks very much,

  3. Anjali

    Hi Bea
    Its nice to know that you have started learning Bharatanatyam and that are you keen in continuing the same. I assume that you must be doing some warm up exercises before starting the class. A work out for deep sitting posture ie poorna mandala :
    Stand straight .
    Slowly sit in araimandi, pause.
    Then move down to full sitting posture. stay there for 15 sec.
    Rise up slowly.
    Do a set of 20-30 twice a day to loosen your muscles. Do it really slow. Do not hurry.

    Also try some oil massage. Apply warm oil (mustard or sesame or olive) and massage your joints. This will lubricate them and also will relive you from pain if any.

  4. Anjali

    Hi Prerena, thanks for visiting the site. Yes its a good suggestion. I have only written about the hand gestures. Mandala bhedha part not yet touched. I shall be putting them soon.

  5. vasudha

    thanx anjali u moved to us permanantly?india misses u . i would like to know what more adavus follows teermanam adavus.will u be posting alaripu kavutam etc items also in mean time ?waiting eagerl

  6. Tulsi Mehta

    Thank you for creating this really organized website. it is really helping me out with re-learning the basics of bharatanatyam.

  7. calvin

    Hello from Cairo:
    Thanks to your great videos of the adavus, I have just
    completed all 13 steps in Natta Adavu!!
    I am a former student of this dance but just want to
    relearn some of the basic elements of BN.
    It’s a great challange for me because of my age
    but my health is good and the spirit is willing.
    I am also a veteran dancer of the oriental dance
    which I still perform for the locals in this area.
    Keep up the good work and service provided by
    your videos.
    Calvin of Cairo

  8. Milan

    Hi Anjali chechi

    You are a great dancer indeed…
    I wish i could dance like you…
    Have you danced on stage?…
    Ipshita chechi forgot to teach me the hands for this step…
    But net class she will teach me…
    Now she is teaching me the 2nd Visharu Adavu…..


  9. vishita jain

    thank you so very much for yr website.i wanted to ask you that my former bharatnatyam teacher used to teach me some of the main variations of adavus .some even differ!! for eg. your site contain 13 variations of nattadavu but she taught me 7 types of them. so can you give the reason for that? thank u

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