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Teermanam Adavu Eleventh Variation

Here is the explanation of the eleventh variation. The Bols (sollukettu) are Tai Tai Dhit Dhit Tai. I shall post the video soon.

1.Be in Ardhamandala. Keep your hands in Natyarambhe position. Natyarambhe is a position when the hands are stretched out sideways, elbows slightly bent and not dropping down and the palms in Pataka hasta. I have here used the Katakamukha mudra.

2. Starting with your right side. Place the your right leg behind the left ie the crossed leg position (Swastikam position). Place your right arm close to the chest in Alapadma hasta. While the left arm in stretched out in Natyarambhe. Say Tai

3. In the same crossed leg postion, raise your left leg which is in the front (while doing this we are balancing on the right toes that is behind) and tap the floor with flat feet. Hands are in the same position above. Say Tai

4. The right hand is now moving back to natyarambhe. Thus it is away from the earlier position. Place the right leg in Alidha position to your right . (only perching the heels). Say Dhit

5. Now Tap your left leg with hands stretched out and the right hand is still in Alapadma hasta. The left hand remains unchanged. Say Dhit.

6. Lastly Tap your right leg in Ardhamandala position, with hands again in natyarambhe. like in 1 above. Say Tai

Mirror the above steps for the left side too.

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