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Sarikal Adavu In Bharatanatyam

Sarikal means to slide. Here as one foot is lifted and placed the another foot slides towards it. Then the feet takes the Anchita position where the feet rests on the heel. This position is also called as Tadittam. Then both the feet tap together with a slight jump. Bols (syllables or sollukettu) of the Adavu is Tai Ya Tai Hi or Tai Ya Tai Ya Tai Hi Tai Hi.

Follow the links below to read and watch the steps.

1. Sarikal Adavu First step (explanation)

2. Sarikal adavu first step (Video)

3. Sarikal Adavu second, third and fourth variation (explanation)

4. Sarikal Adavu Second and Third variation (video)

5. Sarikal Adavu Fifth variation (video)


  1. rageena

    what is the thalam for sarrukkal adavu?
    please can u tell me the answer for this question
    i need help please!!!

  2. shiby

    Hai anjaly,
    u are doing an excelent work.
    explaining as clear as u can.gud luck.
    but i could not find the video of fourth variation of sarikal adavu.

  3. sneha

    hi Madam, I was looking for variations of sarikal adavu. However I did not find sixth step of Sarikal Adavu. 7th and 8th I found on youtube. Can you please upload 6th step video. I also want to give you a gentle reminder about ‘Natanam’, few months ago I requested you to upload Natanam video. It would be great if you upload that too.


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