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Mandi Adavu First and second variation

The first variation uses the Shikhara and pataka hand gesture. Begin the step with a jump down to the Muzumandi mandi position. Hands in Shikahra hasta. Say Ta Ka. Then rise up facing the left. Left leg bent and right leg stretched back on the toes. Left hand in Shikara and right hand in Pataka stretched forward. Say Dhi Mi. Mirror the same looking onto the right side.

The second variation uses the Alapadma and the katakamukha hand gestures. Begin with sitting on the toes in Poorna mandala. Hands held in Alapadma hasta facing up at the chest level. Say Ta Ka. Then rise up with right leg bend forward and left leg stretched back on the toes. Hands are held over the head in katakamukha facing up. Say Dhi Mi

1. When the legs are stretched back, donot rest the knee on the floor.
2. Keep your back straight while in poorna mandala, while getting up and even while the legs stretches back.
3. With beginners I have seen a tendency to bend forward while in poorna mandi and getting up. That is because the body naturally stoops forward to balance. Try working on keep the back straight.


  1. Rajeswari Chandra Mouli

    Hi Anjali ,
    Your interest on bharatanatyam is now helping many students and dancers now.You have lot of blessings of your Guru and others. keep it up and all the very best for all your efforts. i have a query for you.can u tell me about Actress vyjayanthimala style of dancing? Is her dance belongs to melattur style or tanjore or pandanallur?

  2. soma das

    HI Anjali,
    this site of yours is really very helpful ,i have nack about this form of dancing.
    My daughter who is 7 year old new is learning bhratnatyam for the last 2 years…….
    I visit your site regularly and my daughter has also learned many small intricacies from your sites…..
    I am so thankful to you for taking such efforts and helping us all.
    i also have a query,is there any video by you where you have taught “pushpanjali”,”allaripu”??please let me know…….
    Take care.
    Wishing you a very happy new year!1

  3. Asha

    Dear Anjali,

    I went thru ur website ..really helpful. I learned dance for 10 i am interested to teach also, but i forgot the sequence of teaching..can to plz let me know step by step wht to teach from start. eg: day 1 wht shld i teach , day 2…etc….the sequence of dance…plz reply asap. I am working but i am so much fond of dance..thats y i am thinking of teaching.

    Thank u

  4. M.Muthu lakshmi Moorthy

    Hi i am muthulakshmi i have allready learn bharatnatyam from 5 yrs now i am a teacher i am taking class at dharavi 90ft road 10 yrs but i want the certificate for me also and for students so please u can help me mam plz reply my no.7738683493

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