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Teermanam Adavu Twelfth Variation

Now this step is one of my favorites. The Bols of which are Tai Tai Dhit Dhit Tai. Also a new leg position called the Prenkhana is introduced. When one leg is grounded and the other leg is on toes with heels raised, it is said to be Prenkhana.

1. Be in Ardhamandala. Hand stretched out in Natyarambhe with either Pataka or Katakamukha hasta.

2. As we begin with the right side, the left hand is stretched out in Katakamukha mudra (remains unchanged throughout) and the right hand is placed close to the chest in Alapadma gesture. Jump on your toes with heels raised. Say Tai.

3. Tap the right leg. Now this kind of position where one leg is grounded and the other leg is on toes is called the Prenkhana. And the right hand placed at an angle of 45 above shoulder level in Katakamukha hasta. Say Tai.

4. Stretch the left foot in Alidha ie left foot is stretched out and rests on the heels. The right hand is brought to the chest in Katakamukha hasta. Say Dhit.

5. Now tap the right leg in the same position. The Right hand is now brought down in Alapdma Hasta and is placed in such a way that it makes an angle with the left hand. Say Dhit.

6. Bring back your right hand as in step 1above. Tap your left leg to come back to Ardhamandala or half sitting position. Say Tai.

Thus mirror the above instruction to your left to complete both sides. I shall post the video soon.


  1. calvin hodgdon (cairo)

    Hello from Calvin in Cairo:
    I can’t seem to get the hang of this
    step especially in he hand gestures:
    And, the photos above don’t include
    the complete steps.
    Right hand alapadma and slightly held
    down to the left and……………………..??
    Help! Also, the hand movements are done
    too fast to see which hand gesture you are
    using during the steps..

  2. Anjali

    @calvin, If starting with right , then left hand stretched. Right hand in alapadma and jump for Tai. Next Tap right leg left leg raise up in Alapadma for tai. For Dhit bring back the hands towards the heart in katakamukha the left leg stretched in prerita. Next Dhit open hand in alapadma and stretch hands and tap right leg in place. For Tai bring back the stretched leg and right hand stretched out.

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