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Jaati Adavu in Bharatanatyam

A Jaati is a pattern that  gives us the basic feel of a Thalam. Read the article Tala System to get a hang of how it works. What you need to understand as a beginner of Bharatanatyam is that there are five Jaatis. Every jaati is denoted by a set of syllables. They are:

The Tishra, Chatushra, Khanda, Mishra and Sankeerna.

They are nothing but rhythmic patterns followed in Indian classical music. In Jaati Adavu we will learn feet movements on these patterns. The focus is on the leg movements. Hand movements keep varying as per need. Following are the videos for the jaati Adavu

1. Jaati Adavu in Bharatanatyam part 1 (Tishra)

2. Jaati Adavu in Bharatanatyam Part 2 (chatushra, khanda)

3. Jaati Adavu in Bharatanatyam part 3 (Mishra, Sankeerna)


  1. deeptha

    hi anjali,

    first of all i would like to congratulate you for this amazing website.its a great help for my daughter .shes learning the alarippu steps now.when will you post those steps? eagerly waiting for that.which are the good cds available online for alaripu songs in pandanallur style?please help

  2. raji

    I actually learned alarippu and urs is kinda different than how my teacher learned it. We do the atami starting from up down right left..onwards

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