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Jaati Adavu in Bharatanatyam-Part 1 (video)

This video demonstrates the Tishra Jaati.  This jati is denoted by 3 syllables Taa Ki Ta. The video shows two ways of doing Taa Ki Ta.

1. The first way is to tap the right feet (if beginning form the right side) as “Taa”. Then lift and place the left feet on the toes ie “Ki”. Lastly flatten the left feet for ” Ta“.

2. The second way is to jump to the right (if beginning from the right) as Taa. Then place the left feet behind the right as Ki. Lastly tap the right feet which now is in front of the left as Ta.

Take a look at the video :


  1. Santosh Rathi

    you r gr8 at teaching even the difficult most steps with ease as if u r giving a maths lesson in school.
    I m hounoured to be your student.

  2. Anjali

    Thanks Santosh, I am lucky to have students like you with strong passion and dedication. God bless.

  3. vinay

    Dear Anjali,

    I just found your website from Google. I’ve gone through your videos. They are great!! Though I gone through your index page, I’m confused with in which order should I go? First learn all Basics then all Adavus & then all Mudras? How much time should I spend on each of these?

    I browsed through your forum and found a similar question ( ) to mine. You replied that you’ll put up a table with all the details. Where is it? I’m unable to find it. Please help.

  4. Anjali

    Please go it index page and check the videos option. all the videos are in the order that you can learn. Thanks

  5. Diana Elizabeth Symon

    Thank you very much Maam for these great videos. Your love for bharatnatiyam has finally allowed me to learn myself too. I have never had a chance of being taught dance, but it is my passion, my stress relief, my relaxation even. Please continue to post these steps for like always!! Namaste!

  6. calvin

    Hello from Cairo:
    Just to say hello and best wishes.
    I did not get to India as planned.
    I was not aware that as an American
    I needed a visa to visit India.
    I did not need a visa before.
    The travel agent never mentioned
    this when booking my flights.
    So., I still have your fine videos
    to work with and perhaps I will
    try again next Dec and Jan.
    I was terribly disappointed not to
    have been able to make the trip.
    The problem was in Agu Dabai as
    the Indian Embassy was closed
    for some kind of holiday.
    And, an appointment at the AE
    would have taken too long and
    very costly to stay in the hotel.
    Well, on with the practice.
    One thing I noticed was that if
    I watch on the youtuber the dance
    steps go in numberical order as
    soon as one is finished.
    Thanks for your fine presentations.
    Like most dance forms, it needs a lot
    of practice and doesn’t come over night.
    Bye bye

  7. calvin

    Hello from Cairo:
    Still waiting for a reply to my messages about
    google ads blocking your videos for teaching
    the dance stips.
    How come all of a sudden these ads are seen
    on my screen while learning the dance steps.
    Now one ad took up half of the screen.
    What to do about this??
    I can no longer watch your videos – what for??
    I hate google and trying to get it off my computer
    like so many others.
    Hope you can clear this up. Blame Google!!!
    Calvin W. Hodgdon
    Cairo, Egypt

  8. Anjali

    Dear Calvin, There should be ‘x’ marks on the side of the ads you can close them and they wont appear. But I am not sure why different ad windows appear. There should not be any windows popping up.

  9. calvin

    Hello from Cairo:
    Well, those google adds are still blocking
    the screen and I wonder WHY you allow
    this to clutter up the screen during the lessons
    you are demonstrating.
    Now another pest has entered the stage.
    Facebook which I detest and do not belong
    as a member. It smells! Same with google.
    Just more ads and business on the internet.
    When will it end???
    I wish you could put all the videos of adaves, etc
    on one long dvd. Some blank discs can hold
    for 6 hours at a clip.
    This would make it easier for the students to
    not have to keep going back and forth to see
    the next step – or movement.
    Also the sar is in the way and foot work is often
    hidden out of sight. And so on…….
    I hope to complete all the adavus which you
    are demonstrating in the near future.
    That’s that! Best wishes always.
    Cal Hodgdon
    Cairo, Egypt
    Note: I am also watching a video of basic
    steps of Odissi which is quite different from
    Bharat Natyam.

  10. Anjali

    Dear Calvin, Appreciate your feedback. You have been patient and really practicing. I should be able to combine the steps together in a DVD format. Will Update you on that soon. Thank you again

  11. Lency William

    Anjali, first of all i have to appreciate you for such a great website including all details of Bharatanatyam, which is very much helpful for beginners like us. Though i have been learning Bharatanatyam for the past 6 months, your site is a teacher for me to remember the steps which i had learned from the class.

    Can u please clarify one of my doubts? Is there any difference between jaati and pancha nada. Expecting your reply. Have a nice day.

  12. Anjali

    @Lency , Pancha naadi means five basic rhythms and is same as what is explained in the Jaati Adavu.
    Thank you for your words of encouragement.

  13. Lency William

    Thanks Anjali thanks a lot………….As iam a beginner in classical dance, can you pls tell me how much time it will take to learn all these adavus and mudras…. I have classes only twice a week…….now i am 31….i dont have too much time…..

  14. Daniela Nemtoc

    Dear sister,

    when I saw this website, I cried for joy. Once I heard that this dance is closest to the primordial dance and since then I had desire to learn it. Your webside is giving chance to me and also to those people who cannot have a lesson of Bharatanatyam in their cities. Thank you for this chance.
    May God bless You and your work.

  15. vincy

    dear anjali, can i find any audio or audio + video DVD’s for complete learning course for bharathnatyam???

  16. supriya

    Dear Anjali i have watched your Bharatnatyam videos. Its great. I have founded a great guru. I am very greatfull to you. You are such a great guru and dancer. Please keep it up and upload your more videos. I am very much eager to learn Bharatnatyam. Thanks Anjali


    You are a great teacher. This website and your youtube channel helped me a lot for my Praveshikha Pratham Exam.
    please make a video on Pancha jaathi

  18. Divya

    Thank you for this video.. you are great teacher..
    Plz .. you can teach us how to play tal on falak (wooden stick)??

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