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Sutral Adavu Third Variation (Video)

The Third variation is an extension of the second variation. I have seen this step being done in different ways. So I have also tried to explain the varieties seen in this step. The Bols are Tat Tai Tam, Dhit Tai Tam, which is sung twice on each side.

The first part of the video explains the leg movements followed by the second part which demonstrates the synchronized movements.

Part 3A

Part 3B


  1. Calvin

    Hello from Cairo:
    As always thanks for the videos which are a great help
    for ones like me who want to be able to master some
    of the steps in the various adavus.
    But, not all are as easy as they look.
    That’s not a problem for me but at my age it’s the
    mandy position which I cannot do. Now some of
    the steps include this position. It is full sitting and
    my kneeps complain if I try it. No way.
    So, I decided that it isn’t necessary to master ALL
    the steps as there are many to choose from to
    creat a dance routine.
    That’s it.
    Best wishes for the summer of 2012!
    Calvin W. Hodgdon
    El Marg, Cairo

  2. Calvin

    Hello f rom Cairo:
    Well, I am at the sutral adavu and have a problem
    with the footwork for the3b section of the third variation.
    After repeated tries, I give up. Because of the sari, I
    cannot see the footwork. I am not sure where the left
    foot or the right goes in front of in the back to complete
    the full step.
    Calvln Hodgdon

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