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Visharu Adavu in Bharatanatyam

Visharu Adavu involves swinging of hands in different directions ie sideways, up and down. Leg movements are simple and straight in one line. A Concept of shoulder pulls is also introduced later here. This Adavu is also called as Mardita adavu or Paraval adavu. The mudras used are Alapadma, katakamukha, Tripataka and Pataka. The sollukettu or Bols for this adavu is Ta Tai Tai Ta Dhit Tai Tai Ta.

Click on the links below to read the explanation on every step .

  1. Visharu Adavu- First Step
  2. Visharu Adavu- Second Step
  3. Visharu Adavu- Third Step
  4. Visharu Adavu – Fourth Step
  5. Visharu Adavu – Fifth Step
  6. Visharu Adavu – Sixth Step
  7. Visharu Adavu – Seventh Step
  8. Visharu Adavu- Eight Step


  1. Shri Jayanthi

    Thanks 4 all ur efforts.
    Videos are blocked/websensed in our company.
    Thanks for the descriptions.
    ‘m recalling all those I’ve learnt through years here.
    I feel,Katradhu kaimannalavu is really true.
    Every time i visit this i get something new.

  2. Anjali

    Thanks a lot Shri Jayanthi. Such words will always keep me motivated. I wish you could see the videos too. I am sorry I have not understood the phrase you mentioned. Is it related to Dance ?

  3. Julia

    I guess you were asking about the phrase “katrathu kaimannalavu”. there is a saying in tamil “katrathu kaimannalavu kallaathathu ulaga alavu” and this means that “the measure of what we have learnt already is only equal to the measure of a handful of sand but what’s left is equal to the world”. I too feel the same way seeing your videos and the way you explain the adavus. the style of each guru might differ but everything about bharatham is sheer beauty. thanks for doing this wonderful job online.

  4. Anjali

    WOW!! A wonderful thought. Knowledge is like a horizon, It keeps moving further as we move ahead. Thank you Julia for letting me know this.

  5. Rashmi

    I appreciate your magnificent contribution and would like to thank you. I wish to know whether there is any source where we could get the Songs for all the items .. viz. Allaripu to tillana online?


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