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We can Learn Bharatanatyam Online!

When I had started this blog , I had asked a question “Can we learn Bharatanatyam online“? Now around one and half years later, I can say with certain degree of confidence that Yes, we can!

As requested by few of our readers, I have been doing some online classes and it has been going very well ! I have taught students by traditional means in school and also privately. Now, I am teaching online and feel that the online method of imparting this knowledge is some times better! Note that this is still a Guru-Shishya (teacher-student) learning, the only difference being that the students are not physically present before me.

Here are the advantages I have seen so far with the online methodology I am following:

Quicker Learning: I have been able to chalk out a curriculum so that students refer to the online Videos/Posts and prepare themselves before they present themselves for the classes. This has meant that the students pick up things much quicker!

Efficient: From a students perspective, the one to one online methodology I have been following so far is more efficient. In traditional classes where a group is generally taught, the pace of learning is decided by the speed at which the majority in the group can pick up the skills. In the online classes, the student decides the pace to their requirement.

Customized: Since the classes are one to one sessions, the course can be customized to needs of individual students. This helps people to start their classes from basic, intermediate or advanced levels.

Convenience: The student can choose to take their classes from anywhere! They can opt to be at home (which is generally the case) but can also continue the lessons even if traveling briefly. All that is needed is the laptop, cam and mic!

Access: I have heard from many readers especially those living outside India that they do not have access to any teacher. The online classes makes it possible to reach out and help such students.

Continuity: The Guru-Shishya link has lesser chance of being broken. The online classes continues the relationship even if the teacher or student is relocating. The interruption in sessions is generally brief even if there are any.

There are some cons largely technical (like internet availability, cam/mic issues etc) but the pros so far far outweigh the cons!


  1. Emelda

    Learning Bharatnatyam is my passion learned for 1year unfortunately had to dscntu. can you pls send me the details about online learning prodeedure

  2. deepthi

    hi mam…my name is deepthi…n im married…i like clasical dance ….n when i was in chaild hood in my village there is no fecility of i want to learn clasical dance…frm online……in this age is it possible to learn clasical dance..pls help me

  3. Gabriela Brinza

    i would like to take the bharatanatyam lessons online. To dance Indian dance is my dream . Please tell mi what i need to do to have this lessons? thank you and have a nice time….

  4. Priya Lal Pattni

    Dear Anjali,
    I can’t express my feelings when I saw that we can learn Bharatnatyaum online! I live in New Zealand and have only ever done native dance of island people. I am a beginner with history of yoga and will look out for any advice that you would give.
    I would like to know more about the course structure please.
    Kindest regards

  5. Visalasree

    madam, i am visalasree from salem , i like classical dance so much , but my age is 28 , ihad learnt it previously when i was young after that i didnt get time to learn can i learn now madam ? please help me, let me know what is the fees madam

  6. vidhi.v.rane

    mam you are doing a good job. i want learn bharat natyam again and wanted to giv all exams.can you guide me? please.and i want take addmission in online bharat natyam learn ing. can you guide me mam.i am from india

  7. Ira

    I wish to learn Bharatanatyam online. I have some background of the art form, but wish to continue learning. However, going to a class is a constraint. Hence, looking for online lessons. can you please mail me your details.?

  8. Anugraha Sankar

    I am living in Ooty, Tamilnadu and am very much interested in learning Bharatanatyam but could not find any right source. Could you please enlighten me with somebody who can teach me here.
    Thanks in advance

  9. florence haubraiche

    Good morning,
    thank you the site, i have learnt a lot with youe on line lessons.
    I would like still learning by on line method, but how could i do ?

  10. Anu Ratha

    Hi Anjali ji,
    I am so happy to see this site and at the same time i am so angry with myself.why didnt i see this site earlier. I left my dance about nearly 7 years ago, Due to my work as I was working in a shift basis. I got married about a year ago and looking for a master to teach me back. Unfortunately, the place that i am staying do not have a proper bharathanatyam master. They don’t really bother bout the mudras and your hand positions.My prev master is very concerned on the mudras and bhavas. he gives attention to Each and every small details of your dance movements

    I am pregnant now n i just found this website. Can I dance back after i gave birth and after how long should i start? I really want to learn this art . I am 32 now. I started my first class when i was 21years old. I know some of them who advised me that if you r getting older , you cant be flexible but i don’t care. I believe that you must have passion to achieve from impossible to possible.

    I would love to keep in touch with you and join as soon as possible.

  11. Swathi

    I am interested in your online class and was wondering how I can be part of the classes and how much it would cost. Thank you.

  12. Janani sivasampavan

    Dear Madam,
    This is first time I am visiting this site and I think it’s wonderful for foreigners like me who just like in Bharathanatyam. I have completed B.A in Bharathanatyam. I would like to continue in M.A in Bharathanatyam, so could you please let me know about it.

    Your sincerely,

  13. Vibha Sharma

    Hi Anjali,
    I have been wanting to learn bharatnatyam and want to do a proper course online coz there r no bharatnatyam teachers in my city.
    Please guide me.

  14. mh

    I would really love to learn from you online. Pls send me details of the classes. Eagerly waiting for your response.

  15. Anu

    Hi mam
    I am interested in learning barathanatyam. I learnt this when i was 8 year old fot about 2 years. Now i am 28 years and i really have a great passion on learning it. Can you kindly give me more details like time duration,fees and how to join this. Very much waiting for your reply.

  16. Khushboo Parmar

    I learnt Bharatnatyam for a year but could not continue due to sime problems, would u pls help me out.
    l’m from Gujarat and want to learn Bharatnatyam. Please guide me

  17. Sophia parween

    mam,I watched your videos in you tube n try to learn from it.the videos are awesome,and I am interested to learn help me to learn more.

  18. Mital Patel

    Hi Anjali,
    I want my daughters to learn Bharatnatyam through your one on one sessions. Will you please send me your fee structure.
    I have seen your lessons from the time you had it just on you tube. I admire your skills and am thankfull for your teaching.

  19. Lincy wilson

    Hi Anjali, I saw you offer DVDs. I would like to order DVDs. I saw Part1 for Adavus. Do you have all in one. Or you have another one for part2. If so, I would like to order that. Let me know how.

    Thanks Anjali!

  20. Bhuvana

    Hi.. I’m Bhuvana. I’m from Nellore. present am working in h
    Hyderabad . Bharatha natyam is my passion . I would love to learn bharata natyam through online . coould you please suggest me the way to learn bharathanatyam . am staying in a hostel,located in madhapur . am working in rotational shifts . thank you .

  21. Saritha

    I want to learn Bharatnatyam; however, am residing in Gurgaon, India. If online doesn’t work, can you please recommend anyone whom I can contact?

  22. benabbes

    i’ve learnt bharatanatyam for 4 years in paris ten years ago, but since we’ve moved, a couldnt find any teacher where i live. thanks to you, i’ve been able to train adavus.
    Can you send me détails about the procedure of online Learning, and i Wonder how can i pay you as i live in France ?

  23. Soumya


    I am a huge fan. I am in the USA and it is impossible to find a dance class within convenience.

    I have learnt Bharatanatyam for five years as a kid and I would say I hardly remember much. Would you be interested in coaching me online? I will definitely be faster than a beginner.


  24. Madhuri Pahwa

    i am a trained bharatnatyam dancer of many years.. Due to where i live (remote area in aus) i am unable to go to dance class, although it is my passion.

    Would love for someone to teach me new routines.

  25. Aiswarya

    Hi Anjali,
    I am living in Belgium. I have a strong passion for dance and I learned classical dance from 6years till my 15 years. But then I discontinued. So its been 12 years now. But now I would like to practice again. Can you help me?
    How can I get the audio and video to practice?
    No need of basics. Any one bharathanatyam audio and video is enough.


  26. keerthyramachandran

    Keerthy here from Tamilnadu.
    I started Learning Bharathanatiyam when i was 5 years old and continued till my 12th grade. Then due to to some situation i discontinued. Now I’m 29 old. I wish and want to continue Bharathanatiyam again. Kindly help me out.

    Kindly let me know how to join online class and what are the terms and conditions.

  27. Smitha

    My daughter has completed her level 1 (junior) one year back. Would like to know whether you provide level 2( senior) classes. She has done in Kalakshetra style.

  28. Divya Bharathi N

    I learned bharatnatyam in my childhood. Now I would like to learn it online. Can you please send me the details mam.

  29. Sreejisha

    Sreejisha here frm kerala .Classical dance is one of the part of my life.I’m srtned learning bharathanatyam 9 years its continuing.I love dance very much.I’m participate many prgrms and certificate pls help me madam can u send me details about the procedure of online learning and time duration, fees ,how to lrng this kindly I waiting for ur reply madam

  30. Aayushi Rathi

    Hello ma’am,
    I want to learn bharatanatyam course online. Can you please share details.

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