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We can Learn Bharatanatyam Online!

When I had started this blog , I had asked a question “Can we learn Bharatanatyam online“? Now around one and half years later, I can say with certain degree of confidence that Yes, we can!

As requested by few of our readers, I have been doing some online classes and it has been going very well ! I have taught students by traditional means in school and also privately. Now, I am teaching online and feel that the online method of imparting this knowledge is some times better! Note that this is still a Guru-Shishya (teacher-student) learning, the only difference being that the students are not physically present before me.

Here are the advantages I have seen so far with the online methodology I am following:

Quicker Learning: I have been able to chalk out a curriculum so that students refer to the online Videos/Posts and prepare themselves before they present themselves for the classes. This has meant that the students pick up things much quicker!

Efficient: From a students perspective, the one to one online methodology I have been following so far is more efficient. In traditional classes where a group is generally taught, the pace of learning is decided by the speed at which the majority in the group can pick up the skills. In the online classes, the student decides the pace to their requirement.

Customized: Since the classes are one to one sessions, the course can be customized to needs of individual students. This helps people to start their classes from basic, intermediate or advanced levels.

Convenience: The student can choose to take their classes from anywhere! They can opt to be at home (which is generally the case) but can also continue the lessons even if traveling briefly. All that is needed is the laptop, cam and mic!

Access: I have heard from many readers especially those living outside India that they do not have access to any teacher. The online classes makes it possible to reach out and help such students.

Continuity: The Guru-Shishya link has lesser chance of being broken. The online classes continues the relationship even if the teacher or student is relocating. The interruption in sessions is generally brief even if there are any.

There are some cons largely technical (like internet availability, cam/mic issues etc) but the pros so far far outweigh the cons!


  1. nigamaa

    Dear Anjali,
    I wonder if you are planning on a „demo“ videoclip on how you conduct your online classes? I think many would like to see out of interest.
    Greetings from my present abode with a local dance vid by Thushara,Saby,Dhanya,Nisha,Saumya,Roshan ,Sheiny,Blueine v=AvjLElYZj2M&feature=channel_page

  2. nigamaa

    Hi Anjali,
    Ur very lucky person, yestrrday I received email from
    they offer me this Cyberlink DVD for free except pp `til Jan 30 th 09 only. On the Power DVD version I have, just press button screenshot- that’s it. So if u let me know in time, I can order it for and send it to u for free.

  3. Anahata

    Hi, it’s the first time I am visiting this site and I think it’s wonderful for foreigners like me who just love Bharatanatyam and this online learning can be of great help.Thanks!

  4. Aparajita Bhattacharya

    Hello madam,
    I have completed bharatanatyam course up to 3rd year with distinction up to 2nd year and 1st division in the 3rd. I could not continue after that due to some reasons. I now want to complete the course. Could you please tell me about your fee structure and how can I learn it online?

  5. A.Gowri

    Hi Anjali,
    This is first time i visiting this site, this will be very useful for peoples who are unable to learn by going classes like me. This online bharatanatyam is very helpful. Thanks.

  6. Ekta

    Hi Anjali
    I am working in US but my stay is only for 3 months then i’ll move back to India. Will it be a good option for me to start online ?
    Also please let me know the fee structure?

  7. Anjali

    Hey Ekta, if you would be traveling to India, then do join a good school back home. I shall send you a detailed mail of my classes right away.

  8. Pooja Thacker

    Thank you so much for your online classes.I just started learning bharatanatyam from your online classes.I am interested in bharatanatyam so thank u to give the knowledge of basics.

  9. Divyo

    dear Anjali di,
    I want to learn bharatanatyam online but what do I need to do.
    Will you tell me the way to take online classes from you?

  10. DIVYA

    dear Anjali di,
    I want to learn bharatanatyam online but what do I need to do.
    Will you tell me the way to take online classes from you

  11. jyoti sharma

    hi deae,
    i want to learn this dance.pls help me for learn this.u do very good job .online dance.i have see this colom.i m so happy.this dance is my complet only ur help.thanku so much.

  12. soms

    Hai Anjali,
    I have learnt bharatanatyam for more than 10 years.But in btwn i had to discontinue it..and now i want to continue my dance lessons..RIte now i am in US and i am not able to find a good teacher in our can you please send me the details of your online classes..Like the timings ,fee etc..Since we are in different time zones i just want to know that what time u will be teaching etc….Thanks in advance ..

  13. asha

    hai mam how r u.i think u r fine

    bharathanatyam is my soul unfortunately i cant learn classical dance but i learn myself.but i did in my school &college days .
    now i have one son iam in dubai i cant send my son in good dance school.please my son want to learn classical dance please request to teach in online.

  14. Priyatisha

    I want to thankyou for how much you have helped me whilst learning Bharanatym. In the coming April, I will be taking my Grade 3 exam, and I will have to perform the Kuraippu (set to Rupaka talam) . Is there any chance that you could do a video on it? It would help me out alot and Im sure that other may benefit from it too!
    Please could you get back to me!<3

  15. sara

    deseo recibir mis clases de las danzas de India,clasicas,folklore,bollywood,y cultura general de India.-
    Todo online.-

  16. souvik ghosal

    thank u madam, for giving this wonderful opertunity to all, may i know which way i can get practical knowledge also,through this online course? plz…….

  17. Anjali

    @Souvik, online lessons are available through video conferencing, to students residing outside india. Fill the online form and we will get back to you.

  18. Aruna

    Hi Anjali,

    Though i agree with the fact that online coaching is a easier way to reach out to dance enthusiasts across, its definitely not the right way of teaching as the guru is not present nor are the shishyas to be corrected if necessary. Nothing can replace the physical presence of a Guru to traditionally have an impact over the shishyas. Appreciate the advantages and your part played in it but as mentioned earlier the way we dancers need to be looking at art should not involve Technology’s dependency. We know that the Devadasis travelled long distances to impart or gain knowledge of this art form, for the sole respect of their hard work i guess each one of us can look around to find a Guru who lives nearby.

    A Passionate and serious Bharathanatyam Enthusiast

  19. divya

    ma’am how much do you charge for this lessons ???
    i have never danced on bharatnatayam but can i still learn it in one week ??? because that’s all the time a have only about 8 days !!!!
    i am afraid …….can you help please ……

  20. Krithika

    i would like to know how to teach my 3 yrs old girl bharatham as she is interested and i am stayin in thailand

  21. dr. shalabh gupta

    dear anjali hi looks g8 to c u ther on you tube explaining BN can u let me know second year course of BN

  22. subashini s

    I AM SUBASHINI S FROM INDIA TAMILNADU i like bharahtam very much from my age7 my father did nt like to joined in bharatham i want to learn bharatham can u help me i am 22 year girl pls help me

  23. Radha Sravani

    I have a passion to learn dance since my childhood .But my circumstances didnot help me to achieve it now i am financially good but i am married and even i cant go to the classes but my dying desire is making me to learn it .so i want to learn it online .will this help me to become a good dancer.

  24. Sowmyalatha Kannan

    Dear Anjali,

    Learning Bharathnatyam had been my passion since my younger age. But there are so many reasons why I could not do it all these days. I just happened to come across this website about learning Bharathnatyam online. I would be happy if you let me know more.

  25. Deepti

    Dear Anjali,
    Im deepti im very passionate about bharatanatyam but i haven’t got the oppurtunity but recently i have seen some of your videos, thanks for that. I live in US and now i want to learn can you help me. I have seen your website and i left a comment for help if given reply i will be so happy.

  26. Madhu bharathi

    Hi Anjali I have been learning bharatnatyam pandanallur style for more than 6 years i moved to USA now I could not continue dance for 2 years .how do you teach online . Is it possible for me to learn items.i am an ardent lover of bharatnatyam .could you give me some details. And I would like to really appreciate your effort. But I am not sure if online classes would replace traditional learning .anyways thank you for your effort.

  27. kalai

    hi mam
    i never join any school dance.. i am now 26 yrs.. can start learning bharathanatiyam. if i can wat r the procedure to start

  28. Kripa Devi

    Dear Anjali,

    Can You please healp me? Can You write me full song and meaning of Krishna Kauthvam with this words CHIKEY PRAYADA CHANEYA KRISHNA DUSHTA KALINGA PANAYA MITTI, KALALI GEJJE GULU GULU KENE PALA TILAKA PALA PALA RENE…. THANKS A LOT KRIPA

  29. Emelda

    Learning bharatnatyam is my passion & evn i learned for 1year unfortunately had to dscntnu. Actually i teach dance for stage program not professionally bt usually gets lot of appreciation from our parish. Recently i cm to knw that there is an online option to learn bhtm. So requesting you to send me the complete detail about the same at the earliest.

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