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Four Points to consider with Ardhamandala Posture

Ardhamandala is the basic posture in Bharatanatyam. It is a recurring motif that gives the distinctive geometrical nature to the movements in Bharatanatyam. Considering the importance of this posture, I would like to share four things a new student needs to take care:

  1. Ensure that the feet is planted firmly flat on the ground. One of the common mistakes noticed is that the heels are raised.
  2. Avoid swaying of the waist. We should try and ensure that the waist movement is kept to a minimum when we do steps in this posture.
  3. When tapping the feet, maintain the Ardhamandal posture as you started. It is noticed that we tend to straighten the legs as we tap.
  4. There is a tendency to bend forward(when seen from the side) in Ardhmandal position. Try and keep the back straight.

Please check the video on Ardhamandala for a demonstration of above points.


  1. Monica Bambi

    Thank you for designing such a useful website. It helped me alot. I am 32 yrs old , hop i can learn Bharatnatyam.
    Thanks a ton again.

  2. Neena

    Hi Anjali,

    Thanks for posting this information on the Aramandalam. I am currently completing a masters thesis on the aramandi position in particular. Do you have a source you have taken your explanations of aramandalam positions from? or is this based on your own experiences?

    I have had a very difficult time trying to find a clear definition/ description of the aramandi in a reliable text such as the natya shastra or abhinaya darpana.

    Anyhelp would be amazing and greatly appreciated! thanks again in advance

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