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We can Learn Bharatanatyam Online!

When I had started this blog , I had asked a question “Can we learn Bharatanatyam online“? Now around one and half years later, I can say with certain degree of confidence that Yes, we can!

As requested by few of our readers, I have been doing some online classes and it has been going very well ! I have taught students by traditional means in school and also privately. Now, I am teaching online and feel that the online method of imparting this knowledge is some times better! Note that this is still a Guru-Shishya (teacher-student) learning, the only difference being that the students are not physically present before me.

Here are the advantages I have seen so far with the online methodology I am following:

Quicker Learning: I have been able to chalk out a curriculum so that students refer to the online Videos/Posts and prepare themselves before they present themselves for the classes. This has meant that the students pick up things much quicker!

Efficient: From a students perspective, the one to one online methodology I have been following so far is more efficient. In traditional classes where a group is generally taught, the pace of learning is decided by the speed at which the majority in the group can pick up the skills. In the online classes, the student decides the pace to their requirement.

Customized: Since the classes are one to one sessions, the course can be customized to needs of individual students. This helps people to start their classes from basic, intermediate or advanced levels.

Convenience: The student can choose to take their classes from anywhere! They can opt to be at home (which is generally the case) but can also continue the lessons even if traveling briefly. All that is needed is the laptop, cam and mic!

Access: I have heard from many readers especially those living outside India that they do not have access to any teacher. The online classes makes it possible to reach out and help such students.

Continuity: The Guru-Shishya link has lesser chance of being broken. The online classes continues the relationship even if the teacher or student is relocating. The interruption in sessions is generally brief even if there are any.

There are some cons largely technical (like internet availability, cam/mic issues etc) but the pros so far far outweigh the cons!


  1. Sunitha PV

    Hi Mam,
    I am 36 year old , started learning basic adavu’s through online tutorials. Please let me know your online course structure. Love to learn bharathanatyam.

    Thanks ,
    Sunitha PV

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