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Teermanam Adavu in Bharatanatyam

Teermanam means to conclude or an ending or a final stage. Thus the steps in these adavus are used to end a dance sequence or jathis. It is done in a set of three steps or repeated thrice. Most of the time these steps are performed in the fast pace ie Dhruta kala. The bols or the syllables of this adavu is Dhit Dhit Tai. Some schools also use Gi Na Tom .

Hand gestures used in this adavu are Tripataka, Pataka, Alapadma and katakamukha.

Lets watch the video of the adavus here.

1.Teermanam Adavu first step.

2. Teermanam Adavu Second step

3. Teermanam Adavu Third Step

4. Teermanam Adavu Fourth step

5. Teermanam Adavu Fifth Step

6. Teermanam Adavu Sixth Step

7. Teermanam Adavu Seventh Step

8. Teermanam Adavu Seventh, Eight and ninth step. (explanation)

9. Teermanam Adavu Eight step (video)

10. Teermanam Adavu Ninth step (video)

11. Teermanam Adavu Tenth step (video)

12. Teermanam Adavu Eleventh step (explanation)

13. Teermanam Adavu Eleventh step (video)

14 Teermanam Adavu Twelfth Step (explanation)

15. Teermanam Adavu Twelfth step (video)


  1. Nisha Kumari

    Hello Anjali
    your Videos are really useful,I have a query how many variations do Teermanam adavu has is it Only 12 ?
    Pls. Reply

  2. raaga

    Please, post the explanation of first, second, third, forth, fifth, sixth, tenth of Teermanam Adavu

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