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Visharu Adavu in Bharatanatyam

Visharu Adavu involves swinging of hands in different directions ie sideways, up and down. Leg movements are simple and straight in one line. A Concept of shoulder pulls is also introduced later here. This Adavu is also called as Mardita adavu or Paraval adavu. The mudras used are Alapadma, katakamukha, Tripataka and Pataka. The sollukettu or Bols for this adavu is Ta Tai Tai Ta Dhit Tai Tai Ta.

Click on the links below to watch the video of each step

  1. Visharu Adavu First Step
  2. Visharu Adavu Second Step
  3. Visharu Adavu Third Step
  4. Visharu Adavu Fourth Step
  5. Visharu Adavu Fifth step
  6. Visharu Adavu Sixth Step
  7. Visharu Adavu Seventh Step
  8. Visharu Adavu Eight Step


  1. kayarat parvathy

    i’m a dancer myself and all i can say is … beautiful……. what you are doingis helping lots of dancers who have learnt dance but may have forgotten the basics…namely the adavus. its easy to remember the dance items but not the adavus. very very commendable job.

  2. Milan

    Thanks 4 making this site.It is very helpful 2 me and others.Your site teaches everyone all around the world.Many people love your site so do I.

  3. calvin

    Hello from Cairo:

    Your ad for dvd’s -The list of countries does not
    include Egypt.

    Just curious.

    Calvin W. Hodgdon
    El Marg, Cairo, Egypt

  4. Anju Johnson

    Hi Anjali teacher, your posts are helping us a lot in our dance classes. Thanks to you. We admire you a lot.

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