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Visharu Adavu Sixth Step

In the sixth step we use Tripataka mudra. The leg movements are the same as shown in the previous steps. The Bols are Ta Tai Tai Ta, Dhit Tai Tai Ta. Watch the video of sixth step here.

1. Be in Ardhamandala with hands close to the chest in Tripataka Mudra.


2. Tap your right leg. Hands Stretched to the right side at the shoulder level in Tripataka mudra. Say Ta.


3. Again Tap your right leg slightly away from the earlier tapped position. Bring your right hand back close to the chest as in 1 above. Say Tai.


4. Then cross your left leg behind the right (swastikam position). Hands are stretched forward (placed in line with the nose) in Tripataka gesture. Say Tai.


5. Uncross your leg by lifting your right leg and tap. Bring the right hand back close to the chest in Tripatka Mudra. Say Ta.


6. Here we have finished Ta Tai Tai Ta. Mirror the above instruction on left side to complete Dhit Tai Tai Ta.

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