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Visharu Adavu Fourth Step (Video)

This Visharu Adavu step is one of the popular steps in the dance items. I believe the beauty of this step mainly depends on the Dola hasta. If this Dola is not held perfectly the charm is lost. Work on the Dola hasta before learning this step. It can also be done without the Dola hasta as we have been doing for the previous steps. Read the explanation of this step for details on the placement of hands and leg positions.


  1. Meghna G

    Hi Anjali.

    Tendernes and vigor of your dance moved me very much. Your exquisite dance, so much passion and involvement in dance training . Indeed your dance is truly divine.


    Keep Smiling 🙂

    Meghna. G.

  2. scarlett

    Hello Anjali,

    I love all your videos! All clear cut steps…! Please keep posting more videos!!! Great Job!!

  3. Scarlett Worrall

    I’m Scarlett i live in Alice Springs which is in Australia…
    I really want to learn this type of dance….
    Please teach me….
    PS:i am not an indian…

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