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TattiMetti Adavu in Bharatanatyam

Tatti ” means to tap (like in Tatta adavu) and “Metti ” means a heel contact with the floor. For Metti one must first be on the toes (either a jump on the toes or just striking a toe) and then flatten the feet while the toes are already firm on the ground. TattiMetti is one of the most important adavus and these steps are often used in Jatiswarams and Tillanas. I personally love the adavu for its crisp movements. The sollukettu is Tat Tai Ta Ha Dhit Tai Ta Ha.

  1. TattiMetti Adavu First Step
  2. TattiMetti Adavu Second Step
  3. TattiMetti Adavu Third Step
  4. TattiMetti Adavu Fourth Step
  5. TattiMetti Adavu Fifth Step
  6. TattiMetti Adavu Sixth Step


  1. Dhanya Nair

    Hi Anjali,
    I have got well versed with all these 5 adavus now. Thanks a million, it could happen only becoz of ur audios & videos.

    Wanted to ask you one things , will you be posting the remaining 5 adavus on this website soon??

    Now i am eagerly waiting for more adavus to be posted so that i can practice the remaining ones.

    Thanks & Regards,

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