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TattiMetti Adavu in Bharatanatyam

Tatti ” means to tap (like in Tatta adavu) and “Metti ” means a heel contact with the floor. For Metti one must first be on the toes (either a jump on the toes or just striking a toe) and then flatten the feet while the toes are already firm on the ground. TattiMetti is one of the most important adavus and these steps are often used in Jatiswarams and Tillanas. I personally love the adavu for its crisp movements.

The sollukettu is Tat Tai Ta Ha Dhit Tai Ta Ha. Mudra used in this adavu is Tripataka.

  1. TattiMetti Adavu First step
  2. TattiMetti Adavu Second step
  3. TattiMetti Adavu Third step
  4. TattiMetti Adavu Fourth step
  5. TattiMetti Adavu Fifth step
  6. Tattimetti Adavu Sixth Step


  1. Meghna G

    Hi Anjali.

    Warm Greetings coming your way from sunny & pleasant Sharjah., UAE

    Very well explained introduction. Just can’t wait to watch the video’s of Tatti Metti Adavu variations. Waiting anxiously for the same. Thanks.

    Best Wishes today & always.

    Keep smiling 🙂

    Meghna. G.

  2. Chitra Iyer

    My name is Chitra, I have been learning bharatnatyam(kalashetra style) since my school days but due to some reasons i had to discontinue learning.I have done my adavus and have also learnt the first form of bharatnatyam that is KAUTHUKKAM. I have a very strong desire to learn all the nine forms of BHARATNATYAM please send me some of your videos to learn these forms……………………………………..

  3. rinu

    i was learning bharatanatyam for two years,
    but when i came to jeddah , i could not continue.
    i felt very happy when i continued ,
    thanks a lot anjali

  4. Anonymous

    Hi Anjali, thanks very much for the amazing website it has been very helpful and informative. If it’s possible could you please upload videos or explanations of the following adavus: 1) Tha hatha jam thari tha, 2) Utplavana adavu, 3) Sayal adavu, 4) Karthari adavu, 5) Katthi adavu, 6) Prenkan adavu. Thanks very much for all your hard work 🙂

  5. Vishwa Protim Banerjee

    Namastey Maa’m, with your and other gurujanas’ and God’s blessings I have started learning Bharatnatyam in Kolkata. Though the adavus are a bit different, but not that much hard. I have two questions, [1] The natta adavu sollukettu are used for “one bol one tap” style,i.e., Tai-Yum-Tat-Taa | Tai-Yum-Ta-Ha [8] beats
    [2] There is another adavu I am learning, bols are Ta-Ki-Ta | Ta-Ka-Dhi-Mi
    pls maam kindly provide info about this adavu


    Where is all the Bedhas, like Utplavana, Chari, Bhramari Bedha? I will be having my Grade 2 Exams soon, in about 3 weeks. Which me luck x thank you. And keep up your work!!!

  7. Jisha

    Where do u take classes. Do you have any provision of taking summer classes other than regular during vacations. I want to join.

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