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TattiMitti Adavu First step (Video)

Lets watch the video of the first step. Also take a look at the explanation and photos here.


  1. Scarlett

    Just have a doubt on the hand movements – I studied a bit different from 1 teacher where instead on doing the pause on the first taha for the hands she actually did a flip on both the hands and again a flip to bring whereas you are doing pause and then pause and then flip and then start that thai with a new flip – so I’m confused .. is this as you said that there may be variations depending on different schools? by the way love this website – you’re awsumm!

  2. Anjali

    I think, I understood what you say. You flip at “Ta” as well as “Ha”. Where as I flip only at “Ha”. Nothing to get confused Scarlett. It is just another difference. As far as your talam (rhythm) is correct, its fine.

  3. Scarlett

    Oh,sorry just realised I did not word that properly 🙂
    Yes you understood what I meant, thanks!

    Anjali what is next after the 5 adavus?
    I mean if I study the 5 main adavus properly what level of training does that mean? How do I further learn?

  4. Anjali

    Hey Scarlett, there are still five more adavus to go. I shall be posting it gradually. Once you cover the adavus, it means you have learnt the ABCD’s of bharatanatyam. Later you will learn small dance pieces, where all these steps are strung together to form sequences of 3 to 4 min.

  5. Milan

    In the third and second speed I really get mixed up with the legs.
    I keep concentrating on the hands and forget about the legs.
    Please help me!!!
    What should I do?

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