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Visharu Adavu Eight Step (Video)

This is the last variation of my post on Visharu Adavu. There are possibilities of bringing in more variation in the hand movements. Think, Imagine and Explore.

Lets watch the eight step of Visharu Adavu. You can read the explanation of the eight Step.


  1. Meghna G

    Hi Anjali.


    Your personal style is modest, serene and characterized by an impeccable technique that blends geometrical precision with an unfettered ease and vibrancy. Fantastic job.

    Thank you for commitment, all the hard work and dedication you put in. Your efforts are truly appreciated.

    Keep Smiling 🙂


  2. Calvin W. Hodgdon

    Hello from Cairo:
    Just to say hello and thanks for the nice
    videos of bharata natyam and the easy
    way that you are able to demonstrat all
    the movements of the adavus.
    I am a former student of this form of Indian
    dance which I consider to be one of the
    glories of Indian culture.
    I went to Madras to study for a short time
    and took lessons with Adyar Lakshman.
    Some years later I took lessons for 4 years
    with Ramaa Ramesh in Philadelphia, PA.
    Now, although 82, I am using the videos
    for bharata natyan on line must for practice
    and keep in shape.
    Sorry to say Cairo is a wasteland and in all
    the 11 years we have not had any dancers
    from India. No idea what this is so. There
    are many dancers and groups of dancers
    who travel all around the world but not here.
    But I discovered your website and can spend
    time trying figure out all the mudras used in
    the adavus. In the future I intend dto show
    some of my Egyptian friends some examples
    of this dance but I have no proper music to
    use. -unless I can find something on the youtube.
    Wit Ramaa I learned some korvais and would
    like to find these if available but as yet unable to
    see and on line.
    So, that’s my story. Best wishes and I will send a
    message later to comment on my “progress.” (?)
    There is one thing I wish to point out with the videos
    and that is the orange curtain in the background and
    the sari that you wear seems to be in the way for
    seeing the foot and leg work. See you on line!!
    Calvin (Egypt)

  3. Anjali

    Thank you Calvin. Wow you were blessed to go India and learn from Lakshman sir. Glad that you are still practicing natyam. To Invite dancers to your area probably you can take the lead with some cultural organisations locally. If there is sponsorship , our dancers are ready to come down. BTW thanks for the feedback. The background keeps changing in the forthcoming videos and that should feel better.

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