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Visharu Adavu Fifth Step (Video)

Lets watch the video of the fifth step. If you went breathless reading the explanation on this step, this video will surely give you some relief. 🙂


  1. Seema

    Hi Anjali
    I am writting after a long time. But I check your website regularly and practice. My daughter is also doing well. She is on the 7th step of Natta Adavu and has started to enjoy Bharatnatyam.
    This time I have a question. My daughter finds it difficult to do the Tri Pataka Mudra. Is it ok to tell her to do the steps in pataka mudra for the time being when she is learning the steps. If she concentrates on the mudra she gets mixed up with the step. Please let me know.
    I shared this great learning resource with some of my friends here in NJ and they love it. Just want to say thanks again for all your hard work to bring us closer to this wonder dance form.

  2. Anjali

    Thanks Seema. Its nice to know Arushi’s progress. Also thanks for sharing this page with your friends.
    Seema my son is 3 and is now learning to write. He can write the letter ‘M’ but the letter ‘W’ is slightly confusing. What should I do ? 🙂
    Correct Arushi whenever she goes wrong. Very soon she will realize and learn to synchronize with the step.

  3. trupti

    hi, Anjalididi
    I am writring first time, but i always see yor website. My daughter is learning with you by online and doing good. thanks.

  4. Raji

    I am unable to see videos in on this page Archana .I need to go online separately and put your name to get videos. Could you activate your site again please

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