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Visharu Adavu Eight Step

This is the last variation of Visharu Adavu. Here we introduce a concept of shoulder pulls. The hands stretched out at the shoulder level is slightly pulled in and then released. The Bols are Ta Tai Tai Ta, Dhit Tai Tai Ta.

1. Be in Ardhamandala with Hands close to the chest in Katakamukha Mudra.


2. Hands can be held in the same above position or can be held like the fourth step with Dola hasta. Tap your right leg. Say Ta.

3. Your right hand is placed above the head in Alapadama Mudra. Tap the right leg slightly away from the earlier tapped position. Say Tai.


4. Moving the right hand to the side and placed at 45 degree angle above the shoulder level. Cross your left leg behind the right. Say Tai.


5. Move the hands down to the shoulder level. Uncross the legs and tap your right leg in the Ardhamandala position. Say Ta.


6. Now here we use shoulder pulls. Tap your left leg. And slightly pull the right hand inwards from the shoulder. See to it that elbows don’t bend. Say Dhit. The arrow above the shoulders shows how to pull.


7. Again tap your left leg. Now release the shoulder. Say Tai. The arrow shows how to relax the shoulders.


8. Cross the right leg behind the left . Hands are held right above the head in Katakamukha hasta. Say Tai.

9. Uncross the leg by lifting the left leg. Turn your whole body to the left hand side and tap the left feet in Ardhamandala posture. Hands placed close to the chest in Katakamukha mudra. Say Ta.

Watch the video of the eight step here.

Mirror the above explanation on the left side aswell to complete the second count.

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