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Visharu Adavu Third Step (Video)

Watch the Video for the third variation of Visharu and see how we move in a semicircle track. It can also be done straight in one line. Both are correct. You can also read the explanation of the Third step to understand about the Mudras and leg positions involved.


  1. swarna

    Hi, Anjaliji i have a small question, when performing the last natta adavu i realized that the calf area in my leg started to hurt, this happens when i sit in muzhumandi for a while and try to get up thats when it hurts, it didnt hurt before has just started to so its becoming kind of hard for me to do muzhu mandi?? would you know why this is happening or is this common when doing mandi’s ?? and if so is there any quick remedy to fix this because i really want to continue doing bharatanatyam despite the pain i still try to do adavus but i was just wondering if this is a common side effect of doing muzhu mandi or is it just me?? thanks a lot sorry for the long question

  2. Anjali

    Hi Swarna, You need not be sorry for anything. All are welcome to write in their doubts. I guess your calf muscles are being stretched. I have experienced pain in my thighs and calf muscles. This is only till we are used to such an exercise. It must subside within a weeks time. But if this continues or if you have any pulls at your knee, then please consult a doctor.

  3. Meghna G

    Hi Anjali.

    Fantastic as usual. Keep up the great work flowing.

    Although could’nt write the comments for past few lessons, but kept the track of timely lessons. Thanks for marvellous lessons. Had been down with viral flu and couldnt catch ya on comments column. Keep the ball rolling in. We enjoy each and every lesson and feel proud to have a Guru like you. Thanks.



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