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Pushpaputa Hand Gesture (Mudra)

When both the Palms are joined together at the little finger and slightly hollow at the centre of the Palms. The inner palm facing up.

The other way to look at it would be when two Sarpashirsha is held together we get the Pushpaputa Hasta.

Samyukta hasta - pushpaputa

Let take a look at the Viniyoga Shloka (uses)

Neeranjanavidhau variphaladigrahanepi cha
sandhyayamardhyadane cha mantrapushpe cha yujyate

Thus according to the shloka, Pushpaputa is used to denote the following:

  • Indicate waving of lights to gods (to perform Aarti)
  • Acceptance of water or any fruits etc.
  • To show offerings to Gods
  • Offering floral tributes at the time of Mantra puja.

It can also be used to show a plate or bowl. An act of giving is also indicated by using this Hasta.

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    My self Anwitha,i am 30 yrs old,i hv just started to learn bharathanatyam..,i am pregnant now,but i dn’t want to stop learning bharathanatyam because of that..,can i learn bharathanatyam during the period of my pregnancy ????

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