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Natta Adavu Twelfth Step (Video)

Lets watch the twelfth step of Natta Adavu. To read the explanation of the twelfth step click here.

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  1. Meghna G

    Hi Anjali.

    Unable to view the video. Tried many a times but the problem exists. Did you recieve such query from anyone else with regards to the same or is it happening with me???. Seems there is some technical error.

    Waiting to watch the video.


    Keep smiling 🙂

    Meghna. G.

  2. prakruthi

    Thanks for the wonderful video, my daughter finds it very educative, as it is detailed and made easy to sustain interest …
    Waiting for the next set of adavus


  3. Meghna G

    Hi Anjali.

    Net disruptions delayed due to bad weather & still on hold. Under sea cables hit badly.

    Certainly Aarya is missing the dance lessons very much. She revise the previous lessons regularly.

    Your site is very informative & educative. We thought we must inform as many people as we can, who could learn dance online from a marvellous Guru like you. We recommended about your site to our friends in UAE, Community congregate (Indian Association), ladies meet and Aarya’s play school as well. Because of the personal nature of the communications between individuals, it is believed that information communicated in this way has an added layer of credibility. You are doing a commendable job. Keep it up.

    Keep Smiling 🙂

    Meghna. G.

  4. Madhu


    I’m 34 years old and just began to resume learning bharatanatyam. I had learnt when I was a child for a few months and never got to continue it further. Now, I have been practising from your website and also joined a class. I like your website a lot, it has a lot of information and resouces links that are really interesting and helps me learn and understand everything. It takes so much effort to do such a thoughtful thing and I really appreciate what you have been doing on this website. You are reaching thousands of people that love this art form. Thank you so much for it.

    I have been waiting for the next adavu(Visharu) from the past couple of weeks. Could you please add that as well, so people like me can continue to learn.

    Thanks again for your efforts.


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