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Natta Adavu in Bharatanatyam

“Natta” means to stretch and so the Adavu involves some stretching compared to the Tatta Adavu we explored earlier. And compared to Tatta Adavu, the Natta adavu involves heel contacts of the feet. Thus word “Nattu” in Tamil is also referred to “Perching of heels”.

With an intention of organizing the posts I have linked all the videos of Natta Adavu here. This should be easy and better to navigate.

1. Natta Adavu 1st and 2nd variation

2.Natta Adavu 3rd and 4th variation

3. Natta Adavu 5th, 6th and 7th variation

4. Natta Adavu 8th variation

5. Natta Adavu 9th variation

6. Natta Adavu 10th variation

7. Natta Adavu 11th variation

8. Natta Adavu 12th variation

9. Natta Adavu 13th variation


  1. varsha

    The beginner lessons of bharatnatyam are very helpful for my daughters.Hopefully in future I will be able to get further help in upcoming classes.

  2. Charmi

    Thank you for all the Bharatanatyam videos. This is my 3rd year learning Bharatanatyam and i hope to continue. When you do the hand movements(the way I learned it) instead of of turning your hand all the way around, my teacher taught me to to put it halfway.

  3. Divya Arun

    Hi Anjali,
    Your webpage looks great!!!
    I greatly admire your skill and the patience to create this website.
    This is extremely useful. I have learnt dance for a short while and have always wanted to learn more. Thanks for your effort.

  4. Rinku

    Dear Anjali,

    Thisis a great website! I learnt Bharatanatyam in school and I am now 34 yrs old.. great to just look at your videos and practice. It has refreshed my memory and inspired me to dance again.


  5. kiruthikarajesh

    hi anjali ,
    u r doing a great job. Definitely a commendable one.keep it up.

    can u give the details for padha bhedhas , mandala bhedhas.

    thank u.

  6. Ang

    Thanks- these are very helpful. I learned systematically from only 2 teachers- luckily I got 3 years w/them & their styles were very close, so I’m able to pick these up. I’m learning many new variations from you too. I also wish to say that if teachers do not go through the basics thoroughly then they are not good teachers. Many good dancers do not necessarily make good teachers. I believe it is good to know as many adavus as possible & to create ones own variations once the taught ones can be done well, making it creative learning too.

  7. Seeja Lotus

    My daughter started learning bharatnatyam and i dont know anything about the same. So this site is very helpful for me. Thank you so much. Please try to include more videos.

  8. bindu shaji

    dear anjali mam,i watched your training sessions .its very useful for us .so we wish to download .so can you do any favour for this .thank you.

  9. abdullah ali

    really thank to u anjali…
    im muslim n malay from malaysia.
    i really enjoy ur video lesson.
    really helping me..n ur website is great.
    thanks coz give me motivate to learn this dance, thanks for de inspiration. 🙂

  10. Khushi

    Hi Anjali,
    It is a lovely site!!
    I am very thankful you thought of this and made this site.It has helped me in many ways as I am learning Bharatanatyam.

  11. Mataji Rina

    Mataji Anjali, Mis reverencias! Namaskar, gracias por crear este espacio, yo soy de Argentina, soy Hinduista (Vaisnava) y todas las mañanas practico los adavus. Muchas gracias, espero algún día conocerte en persona.

  12. sunita

    I am a house wife. I am interested in bharatnatyam since childhood. But I never got a scope to learn. Now I am able to see and learn Bharatnatyam on line. I learnt from your natta adavus part1,2,3. Please send me other parts of natta adavu as I am facing problem of weak network snd buffering.

  13. Kruti Shah

    Hi Anjali,
    My heartfelt thanks and congratulations to you on creating this wonderful website! Your simplicity and organized lessons are the charm of this website!
    I am 40+ and had a desire to learn bharatnatyam from a long time. Never got a chance before. Now I have found a teacher near my place and also your website is acting as a distant teacher . I am so inspired to learn this form of classical dance! I seek your good wishes and encouragement!
    Thanks again!

  14. Poppy

    Absolutely great effort. May I know what style of bharathanatyam thi is? I am interested in learning the kalakshetra style of dancing. Is this the same?. Thank you.

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