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Natta Adavu – Eighth Step

Further steps in Natta Adavu are slightly different than the previous steps with regards to hand movements. Also the leg movements get tougher now on. But its not any cause of concern. A Dance gets beautiful only when complex steps added to them. Hope You all are enjoying your dance lessons.
In this post I am describing the eight step of Natta Adavu. (Refer Video)

1. Be in Ardhamandala. Hands held in Katakamukha mudra held close to the chest.


2. Jump on your toes, while in Ardhamandala hands held straight above your head in Alapadma Mudra. Both the Arms are parallel to each other. Say Tai Yum


3. Stretch the Right leg in Alidha and both hands sideways in Alapadma. Say Tat Tat


4. Now take your Left leg Behind the right leg (crossed leg positions). Bend down with both hands parallel to each other nearly touching the floor in Alapadma. Say Tai hi


5. Then Tap the right leg in Ardhamandala position and keep your body erect at same time. Hands are in Katakamukha Mudra held close to the chest. Say Ya ha . As in 1 above.

Here we complete one count. For the second count repeat the above from 1-5 with the left leg.

Please refer to the Video here.


  1. Vishwa Protim

    Namaskar guru, Pls explain : in Natta adavu 8th step no.5, what about the left leg? Is it to be removed from crossed leg posture ? Are we to tap only the right leg and finally bring our body in posture of no.1? pls reply. Namaskar again.

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