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Natta Adavu- Eleventh Step

Here is a description of Natta Adavu Eleventh Step. You can view the video for this step to better understand this Adavu variation.

1. Be in Ardhamandala. Hands held in Katakamukha mudra close to the chest.

2.Jump on your toes with hands straight above your head in Alapadma Mudra. Here hands are crossed . Say Tai Yum.


3. Now Tap your right leg. Hands are apart in V-Shape with Katakamukha Mudra facing out. Say Tat Tat


4. Then take your left leg behind the right (crossed leg Position). Hands held at the shoulder level sideways in Alapadma Mudra. Say Tai Hi


5. Now tap your right leg. Hands held in the same position as above but in katakamukha Mudra. Say Ya Ha

6. Then Again cross your legs (as in 4) ie Left leg behind the right. But Hands held lower than shoulder level in Alapadma Mudra. Say Tai Yum

7. Tap your right leg again. Hands are in the same position (as in 6 above) but in Katakamukha Mudra. Say Tat TaT

8. Again take your left leg behind the right. This time bend down such that hands touches the floor. They are in Alapadma Mudra. Say Tai Hi


8. Come up. Tap the right leg while in Ardhamandala. Hands in katakamukha Mudra held close to the chest. Say Ya Ha.

Now repeat the above procedure with the Left leg.

See the video of Natta Adavu Eleventh Step.

Thus in the Eleventh step we see that the hands constantly change from Alapadma to Katakamukha. The leg and the body movements have also increased. The next two steps have more complex movements but are very beautiful. So stay tuned.


  1. Bini Nampoothiri

    SUPERB !
    I thought I am the only one who write down the steps in sentences :-)) which I do for my BN lessons..
    This particular step – natta adavu 11, I have never learnt..Thanks!

  2. shiavni

    hello madam
    am a new learner
    which pattern do i follow to learn
    like how do i start do i start with natta adavu,alripu or anything
    please let me know mam

  3. Priya jayaraj

    Dear ma’am,

    I am living in uae, I am following you from last two years… I have few students here to learn bharathanatyam.
    I would like to get new varnam online.
    Can I get the information. How to join and how to pay, how much will pay

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