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Natta Adavu Third and Fourth step (Video)

Here is the Video for the Third and Fourth step of Natta Adavu. This also has a detailed explanation of the crossed leg movements.

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  1. Meghna G

    Hi Anjali.

    Great job. Really appreciate your efforts to present the video. Excellent site for people those who wish to learn dance and must say the way you impart training is outstanding. Watched the third and forth step of Natta Adavu – Brilliant presentation. We are eagerly waiting to view fifth step. Thanks . May the rays of happiness & success always shine on you.



  2. Bhavani

    Hi Anjali,

    Lovely website. I have learning dance in my childhood days and now i am a mother of two. Want to continue with the dance but somewhere i forgot certain steps.

    for a loong time i have been looking out for a website like this. Very good effort and lovely presentation.


  3. Anjali

    Hi Bhavani, Its nice to know that being a mother of two you still want to continue your passion. Donot hesitate to send in your queries. Thanks a lot for your motivating words.


    Hi Anjali

    Great work. very good effort and detail presentation. i have learnt Bharatnatyam. mine is Kalkshetra style. I think yours also the same style.


  5. Guythri

    Hi Anjali,

    Your are really greate, im have done my salangai poojai in year 1998, now im married, but like to teach barathanatyam, but i forget some of the steps if you could give us the list of the mutras and list of the adavu its greate.

  6. nadia

    is there any kathhak steps needed in bharatanatyam?
    i was in a dance school for last 6 months..i was taught some kathhak (also they used to call them FOLK steps) steps too. can u make me clear about that plz?

  7. Anjali

    @Patre, I will have a DVD with all these steps compiled in one place soon. Please comeback in two weeks time. You shd be able to see them on Youtube. Let me know if you have any issues

  8. suhasini sunnassee

    after learning all adavus in baratanatyam, I would like if you can give me a certificate & diplomas from you PLEASE sister. your ways of learning is really easy to learns i.e y I say so to you. reply me as soon as you can sister.

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