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Natta Adavu – Third Step

In the third step of Natta Adavu, you will be introduced to a new leg movement where we cross our legs one behind the other.

I can give you a formula for the third step: Natta Adavu First step + Crossed legs + Half of Natta Adavu First step

Be in Ardhamandala posture with hands stretched apart and palms in Tripataka facing down as shown in this image.

1. Do the First step of Natta adavu as explained before and say “tai yum tat ta tai hi ya ha

2. After doing the complete first step, take your right foot behind the left foot such that right leg toes are placed just behind the left foot (Right heel is raised up , while the left foot is flat on the ground). The right hand is placed in front of the chest(elbows bent) with Tripataka gesture facing up and left hand is kept in Tripataka gesture facing down. Say “tai yum

nattaadavu31 nattaadau32

3. In the same crossed leg posture, raise your left leg which is in the front (while doing this we are balancing on the right leg that is behind) and tap the floor with flat feet. While doing this, the right hand Tripataka is turned to face down. Note that the left hand continues to be in Tripataka facing down. Say “tat ta

nattaadavu33 nattaadavu34

4. Now bring the right leg which is behind and stretch it in Alidha. The right hand is stretched with Tripataka gesture facing up. Note that the left hand continues to be in Tripataka facing down. Say “tai hi“.

5. Finally, bring back your right leg in Ardhamandala with a tap and the right hand Tripataka is truned to face down. Note that the left hand continues to be in Tripataka facing down. Say “ya ha“.

This completes one count for the Natta Adavu third step. One count involves three repetitions (sets) of “tai yum tat ta tai hi ya ha”.

Thanks for your patience. I know it is getting tougher with just the description 🙂 So I shall post video on the Natta Adavu also soon.


  1. nigama


    I have seen your videos on utube and was directed to this site
    looking foreard to your next videos
    keep up the good work

    God bless

  2. Aruna

    Dear anjali….. Love ur web site 🙂 I have jus joined bharathanatiyam class and ur web site helps me to learn better.This website shows ur true interest in teaching the great art of Indian Dance. God Bless you. I would like to tell u a small thing which i noticed in this third step of nattadavu. The last picture shows one leg lifted up. Is this comming in nattadavu three? Please check it out… Take care…

  3. Samudrika

    Dear Anjali,

    Am not sure if you are still updating this site. I find it very useful. Am afraid I can’t find any of the videos of the Natta Adavu. Am I looking in the wrong place? I look for them at the end of the explanation on how to do the step. Please let me know.


    Thank you medom for giving the online bharatanatyam classical dance class in online. I have learned so many things in your classical dance class .You have considered each and every thing in notes. Thank you so much

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