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Natta Adavu First and Second Step (Video)

I have described the First and Second steps of Natta Adavu earlier. I am happy to add a Video of the steps today.

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  1. Meghna G

    Hi Anjali.
    A spectacular performance of Naata adavu. You are a brilliant artist. Subtle gestures and rhythmic leg movement that speak of rich and vibrant culture that is very much a part of Bharatanatyam. Your brilliant presentation moved myself and Aarya, my daughter to a loud applause. We are waiting for the Naata Adavu video on next steps. Thanks.

    Meghna. G.

  2. osandi

    Dear Guru,
    Thanks for the comment you left for me in my blog. Anjali guru, please please add some more videos here. I need it. Now I can , tatta adavu and natta adavu. please teach us other adavus as soon as possible. Because I need to add some steps to my new creations. Thanks.

  3. suhasini sunnassee

    hi Anjali, I already perform baratanatyam dances 1yrs full in Mauritius, so I like to continue it by you. if I continue learning it, can I get a certificate & diplomas from you. I would like to have them so do let me know if you can give me. Also I give lessons to young girls here in Mauritius for my 1yrs full courses. hear from you.

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