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Natta Adavu Fourth Step

The fourth step is very similar to the third step. Here every action of the third step is repeated twice.

Formula for the Fourth step: Natta Adavu second step + Crossed legs + Half of Natta Adavu second step

Be in Ardhamandala posture with hands stretched apart and palms in Tripataka facing down as shown in this image.

1. Do the second step as explained before and say “tai yum tat ta tai hi ya ha (Right side),tai yum tat ta tai hi ya ha (left side)”

2. After doing the complete second step, take your right foot behind the left foot such that right leg toes are placed just behind the left foot (Right heel is raised up , while the left foot is flat on the ground). The right hand is placed in front of the chest(elbows bent) with Tripataka gesture facing up and left hand is kept in Tripataka gesture facing down. Say “tai yum

nattaadavu31 nattaadau32

3. In the same crossed leg posture, raise your left leg which is in the front (while doing this we are balancing on the right leg that is behind) and tap the floor with flat feet. While doing this, the right hand Tripataka is turned to face down. Note that the left hand continues to be in Tripataka facing down. Say “tat ta

nattaadavu33 nattaadavu34

4. Repeat the above procedure 2, 3 again say Tai Hi Ya Ha

5. Now bring the right leg which is behind and stretch it in Alidha. The right hand is stretched with Tripataka gesture facing up. Note that the left hand continues to be in Tripataka facing down. Say “tai Yum“.

6. Finally, bring back your right leg in Ardhamandala with a tap and the right hand Tripataka is truned to face down. Note that the left hand continues to be in Tripataka facing down. Say “Tat ta“.

7.Now repeat the procedure 5, 6 and say Tai Hi Ya Ha

This completes one count for the Natta Adavu fourth step. One count involves four repetitions (sets) of “tai yum tat ta tai hi ya ha”.


  1. Bharatnatyam dancer

    Hi Anjali,

    I am quite impressed with the quality of the matter you have presented. This is an excellent resource for dancers and beginners. I would love to also see (maybe in a year or two :)) some theory related information (eg. hast/pada viniyogas, rasa/bhava, nayak/nayika etc.). I know it is a lot of efforts to do what you are attempting to do, and I congratulate you for it. I have bookmarked your site, and will recommend it to other tech-savvy dancers.

    A Bharatnatyam dancer 🙂

  2. Uma

    Hello Anjali,

    I came across your website while looking for basic online resources about bharatanatyam, and like the previous poster, am very impressed by the simple elegance with which you present your shows. I am a former dance student and watching you reminds me of how much I used to enjoy learning this beautiful art form.Keep up the good work!

  3. Meghana

    Hi Anjali,
    I found your web-site three days ago. I am sending my daughter 5 yr old to dance classes and this site is very help full to me to correct my daughter. In fact, I am also learning from your site. Now, I am eagarly waiting for the fifth step of nattadavu. Thanks much for proving this type of information.

  4. Shanti

    Hi Anjali,

    I wanted my 3 year old twin daughters to learn bharatnatyam and i could’t find any teacher nearby ( i live in cincinnati , USA), so i thought of teaching them myself by all the resource i can get . Luckily today when i searched online for bharatnatyam, i found this site. Its really wonderful.

    Now i can learn and teach my twin daughters with your online lessons and guidance. I will start teaching them from tomorrow onwards.

    You are my Guru now.

    Thanks a lot Anjali

  5. Anjali

    Hey Shanti, thanks a lot for those BIG words. I donot know if i am really worth it. Well wishers like you have only inspired me to to more and better. I wish success to your sweet twin daughters and enjoy your lessons with them. Keep adding in your thoughts and progress.

  6. Archana Nair

    Anjali…Im actually dance enthusiaist …i was surprised to see your website when i was searching for bharatnatyam lessons, i live in Uk, currently in search 4 dance school,i guess i found them, Keep up your good….your too goood to be appreciated..
    Best wishes…
    i would be in touch with ur website..cheers

  7. Ananya

    dear anjali ma’am,
    i am learning bharatanatyam as a starter and i go to yamini krishnamurty school of dance in delhi and over there we learn some very different steps that are shown here as in the video could u tell me y is that so…??

  8. vishva

    hi anjali

    i am vishva i am 11 years old i am learning bharatnatyam i am very happy that you have showed it in such a good way best of luck for tour future life “`thank you

  9. paawun

    I find your website and knowledge sharing amazing. I am 34, and have always been fascinated with Bharatnatyam. Always found it pure and uplifting. I live in Pune. I have never learnt dance, and I always thought it’s impossible unless you start at the age of 5! but on your site I read of a 37 year old lady who had started and that has set me wondering…can I? I would like to learn just for my heart and soul, not for anything else. Would you by any chance know of a teacher in Pune, who would take on such hopeless students 🙂

  10. vishva

    hi anjali,
    my dance teacher is kalashree dimple deputy can you please please send her my message that i am in saudi arabia and here i have got a new dance guru and i miss her very much how is she please can you ask her that if she can share her email id with me by the way how are you hope so fine bytata

  11. vishva

    she teaches dance in kalashree dance institute in surat her name is dimple deputy just tell her that your dance student vishva was asking for ur id

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