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Natta Adavu – Fifth Step

As we saw the third and the fourth step were very similar. The fifth and the sixth are similar as well. Let us see how the Fifth step is done.

1. Be in Ardhamandala posture with hands stretched out. Take your right leg forward in Alidha and Right hand in Triptaka touching the right foot. The left foot is to be grounded flat and the left hand stretched out in Tripataka facing down. Say “Tai Yum“.


2. Tap your left leg that is behind say “Tat Ta”(We are in the same above position)

3. Now come up to keep your back erect , while your right leg goes behind your left leg (crossed leg posture) such that right leg toes are placed just behind the left foot (Right heel is raised up , while the left foot is flat on the ground). Right hand placed above the head in Tripataka. Say “Tai Hi”. Left hand is stretched to the side in Tripataka facing down.

4. In the same crossed leg posture, raise your left leg which is in the front (while doing this we are balancing on the right leg that is behind) and tap the floor with flat feet. Right hand is still above the head in tripataka and left hand is stretched out. Say “Ya Ha” .

5. Move your right leg from behind and into Alidha to do the first step of Natta Adavu, as explained in the earlier post. Say “Tai Yum Tat Ta Tai Hi Ya Ha

Repeat the above explanation using the left leg as well.


  1. Kavitha

    hi anjali i want to learn the whole of bharatanatyam but we’ve no teachers around to teach me ive been lookin everywhere.
    im really interested in it since young but ive never had the chance to learn can u please help
    im expecting for your reply thanks bye take care……xxx

  2. shruthi

    hi anjali
    i want to learn barthanatyam i hv no teachers around here i had learned barthnatyam for some 6 months wen i ws in 3rd standard nw i dont remember anything.and i am very much facinated by barathanatyam also all forms of dance. so its my kind request to you that accept me as your student and allow me to call you my guru

  3. vichu

    hi anjali,

    i want to learn bharatanatyam ,could you please help me study.
    i don’t have any teachers. i been looking around.
    please help me and take care.

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