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Natta Adavu – Sixth Step

As we saw the third and the fourth step is very similar. The fifth and the sixth are similar as well. let see how it is done.

1. Be in Ardhamandala posture. Take your right leg forward in Alidha and Right hand in Triptaka touching the right foot. The left foot will be grounded flat and the left hand stretched out in Tripataka facing down. Say “Tai Yum“.


2. Tap your left leg that is behind say “tat ta”. (We are in the same above position)

3. Now come up to keep your back erect , while your right leg goes behind your left leg such that right leg toes are placed just behind the left foot (Right heel is raised up , while the left foot is flat on the ground). This is the crossed leg position. Right hand placed above the head in Tripataka. Say Tai hi. Left hand is stretched to the side as explained above.


4. In the same crossed leg posture, raise your left leg which is in the front (while doing this we are balancing on the right leg that is behind) and tap the floor with flat feet. Right hand is still above the head in tripataka and left hand is stretched out. Say “Ya ha“.

5. Now repeat the actions explained in 1,2,3 and 4. Say Tai yum tat ta tai hi ya ya

5. Move your right leg from behind and stretch in Alidha to do the second step of Natta Adavu, as explained in the earlier posts. Say “Tai yum tat ta tai hi ya ha, tai yum tat ta tai hi ya ha

Repeat the above explanation using the left leg. Thus four sets of Tai yum tat ta tai hi ya ha on each side.


  1. Meghna G

    Hi Anjali.

    Waiting for video on sisxth step of Natta Adavu. Although read the the above text on Natta adavu 6th step, still not very clear. Video presentatation is precise and helps to lern the minute details of eye movements, expression as well.



    Meghna G

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