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The word “Anjali” means “an offering”.  Thus offering can be made in various ways.  The most commonly heard is pushpanjali ie an offering with “pushpam” meaning flowers, Geetanjali an offering of a song that is geetam, Swaranjali an offering of music, Shraddhanjali an offering of love.

In this context Pushpanjali is an offering of flowers by the dancer. It is an invocation piece done at the beginning of a performance.  Sometimes a shlokam is also incorporated into it. Shlokam can be in praise of any deity. Pushpanjali that I have explained here is most commonly seen with the students of Kalakshetra Lineage.

These videos below will aid you in learning and understanding Pushpanjali.

Pushpanjali: Mushika Vahana,  Ragam: Nattai, Talam: Adi

Pushpanjali Part 1

Pushpanjali Part 2

Pushpanjali Part 3


  1. Tress

    The Pushpanjali videos are grea.
    Could you post the audio for the Pushpanjali so that we can learn using the audio.

  2. Vidhya

    Hi Anjali,

    I am new to this blog….I have learnt Bharatanatyam when I was a kid and have done many performances in my schools and colleges…After that, I have lost continuity due to my personal life…

    Now I would like to get in touch with dance again…I found this blog is so helpful…I appreciate the good work you are doing…

    Can you please give us the full song of ‘Mooshika Vaagana – Pushpanjali’ , so that we can try to do it completely?

    Thank you so much!

  3. Karthika

    Hi Anjali Madam,
    I am very appreciate to for doing grateful job. i am very glad about that. i am 21yrs old. i want to learn bharatham. in my childhood i couldn’t learn because of my family problems. i am very interested in learing bharatham. i want more and more from u. And how can i download these vedios or have you any classical cd’s for learning classes upto basic. please provide me any suggestions about that. if u have cd’s tell me the price and how can i get the cd’s.
    thank u

  4. Mrs Aji Pillai

    Hai Anjali,

    How are You there..? I ‘m AJI from United Kingdom.
    I would like to thank You for sharing these wonderful dance lessons/PUSHPANJALI/vdo clippings.

    May I know how can i get the original mp3 music tarck/PUSHPANJALI & ALARIPPU….??

    I wish to teach these items to my TWIN SONS.

    So grateful to You, If You can send the music tracks to
    my e-mail ID.

    My ID is [email protected]

    Awaiting to hear from You.

    Aji Pillai

  5. neeraj-

    Hai Anjali,

    How are You there..?

    Your performence is owsome, we are learning so much form your vedios. I want to know what is USI / offbeat meaning in bharatnatyam. Please explain it i will be very greatful to you and also want to learn vatsalya varnam if u can help me out.

    Thank you,


  6. Janya

    Hi Anjali,

    I saw your pushpanjali dance.Its very good.I want to teach this to my daughter Janya.
    I am a classical dancer and I have completed Junior and Senior exams. But now I have stopped becuase I working for one of the reputed company

    Please, is it possible you to post the lyrics and raaga for pushpanjali dance.

  7. Divya

    Hi Anjali ji,

    Pushpanjili was great and I have a doubt in it. The song is in which raagam. Can u please provide the clear audio.

    Thanks Divya S

  8. sol

    dear anjali, it’s amazing the work you are doing. where could we get the music to dance this? could you upload it? thanks you again and again.

  9. Priyanka

    Hi Anjali,
    Your website in very helpful for people like us…
    Could you tell me where to get this Pushpanjali song from??
    I searched but to no avail..
    I hope you would help me with this!!

  10. Anjali

    @Priyanka, what I have is an old recording. I am not sure where that would be available.

  11. Anjali

    Hi all , I have finally found the song. The post is updated with the song and its link. Enjoy!!!

  12. Saranya Nair

    Hi Anjali, Thank you for the awesome videos. i am learning a lot from the site . Thank you so much Anjali.

  13. adriana huaiquinao

    Hi,congratulations for your site.I would like to know the meaning of the song.Thanks

  14. Prachi

    First of all I want to congratulate and thank you for this website. It is very helpful.
    I would like to know how to download the mooshikavahan song.


  15. Naiara Lambert

    Dear Anjali,
    thank you very much for your work and congratulations for your initiative.
    I can´t to upload the mooshikavahan track in the Can you help me, please? Thanks so much again and again.

  16. Anjali

    @Meleney, Thank you for the compliments. Well I have no DVD released. Where did you buy one from?

  17. reji paulgi

    hi, i been looking for my daughter. its really great. i can also learn with her. i was trying to get that song for pushpanjali but iam not able to download. could you help me with that.thanks

  18. pc segaran

    hello ms anjali…congratulation on your wonderful effort..its truly outstanding… i have been following your alarippu video..and i am wondering if i can get the full audio for alarippu…thank you in advance..cheers

  19. Jenie

    Hi Ma’am, saw your videos and they are very helpful. I wanted to know where to find the song for pushpanjali. I registered with the Muzigle website to buy the audio but it is not for sale so I was wondering if you can point me in the right direction as of where I can purchase the song for my collection. Thanking you in advance.

  20. Aditi

    Hey I’m doing this piece for my arangetram which I learned from a teacher in India and I dont know who the composer is and I have been looking around online. I think it may be Subramanya Bharati, but I’m not too sure. Please let me know 🙂

  21. Poorna


    really really appreciate the work u r doing. this pushpanjali song is good and the way u teach is so understandable for the beginners.
    The link u shared for the Pushpanjali song, cant able to open it.
    could u pls send some other link, v can u it.


  22. Raji

    Hi Anjali,

    Awesome blog! Thank you very much . Keep up your great work!

    Could you please send the meaning of the lyrics in Thodayam- Mangayakarasi…?

  23. shruthi


    I would like to have songs of all dance iteams can you please tell me how can I get all this audio and video cds

    From shruthi

  24. Nisha K Sunwar

    Dear Anjali
    Thanx a Lot for this wonderful Blog.Its because of you am able to learn Bharatnatyam again that too Properly….Lokking forward to buy you Natyarambham DVD but would highly appreciate if you could release the Second part also

  25. Radhika

    hi anjali
    ur pushpanjali vedio is real great….could you plz help me with the composer..I have been looking for it but to no luck….
    thanks radhika

  26. priya

    hi anjali ,
    I just need some help from you as you are in the bharatnatyam world and a great teacher if you could spare some time and let me know the cd or the name of the singer for pushpanjali song in this link where the kids are dancing . i have been longing to find this cd or atleast the name of the singer so that i can buy the cd .
    heres the link ”

    if anybody else who reads this comment line also know please do let me know will be very helpful thanks

  27. priyanka

    Hi Anjali, Can you please provide the audio tracks for pushpanjali and jatiswaram, the ones you provided are no longer available

  28. A. REUBEN

    The Pushpanjali videos are grea.
    Could you post the audio for the Pushpanjali so that we can learn using the audio.

  29. Poornima

    saw almost all your videos its much helpful,actually when i was kid i learnt bharatanatyam regarding pushpanjali my guru learnt me “chena kita tam taditam….” if you have video on this song pls do upload it will be very helpful for me.
    Thank you

  30. Sonali Raval

    Hi Anjali, I had learnt bharatnatyam n having little doubts. I want to learn Ganesh pushpanjali of chatushra ekaam taal in raaga natai. Also want the notification of the same. Could u pls help me? Thanks.

  31. Aritri

    hi anjali, your teaching is really good.
    i am not getting the pushpanjali audio anywhere in this site. could you please post the link in the comments.

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