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1000th year Celebration of Brihadeeshwara Temple


The Brihadeeshwara temple in Thanjavor was built by the Raja Raja Chola in 1010 AD. It is known for its brilliant architecture since the structure is the world’s first complete granite Temple. This oldest Shiva Temple is now a Unesco Heritage site.

On the dusk of 25th September 2010, 1000 Bharatanatyam dancers performed together on the stone platform inside the Brihadeeshwara temple to mark its 1000th year.  Do watch this grand event by visiting the link. It would be available only for the next 30days.

Here is the direct link.


  1. tejaswini

    hi.. your videos are amazing. i learnt a lot. it will be helpful if u can show pada and mandala bedhas too. thanks in advance

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