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Mandi Adavu Fourth variation

Here is yet another variation to mandi adavu. This is done 100 percent in purna mandi. Dancer would first jump in purna mandi. Then jump and place the right/ left  knee on the floor. Such a posture, where one knee rests on the floor is called Parshvasuci. The hands are in Tripataka hasta held in Natyarambhe. Watch the video and take a look at the subtle movements.


  1. Calvin

    First, hello to you!
    Well, I got to the mandi adavu and no way
    for me. I’m in my 80’s with a b’day coming
    up this Sat!
    So. that adavu I will skip -for noe.
    but, all the rest, so far, have been a great
    challange for me. What I miss is a guru
    to help refine the steps and movements
    of each step.
    I hope to replan my trip to Chennai this
    year and spend some time with Adyar Lakshman.
    I find that some adavus I love and others only
    so so. But, all must be taken into account for
    the performer and give more dimention to the
    Thanks again for your wonderful videos.

  2. Sujeewa Karunathas

    Thanks for adavus variation explanation. really useful. can you please and it’s my request to you i have to need your perpetration theory notes in all adavus and solugham . can you sent to me. can you send your e-mail address.

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