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Sarikal Adavu Second, Third and Fourth Variation(explanation)

Second Variation

If you have been following this blog for long, you must be familiar with the term “twice the first step”. Therefore the second variation is the double of first variation. In the second variation we have to perform each step twice. The Bols are Tai Ya Tai Ya, Tai Hi Tai Hi. So after the 3rd instruction in the first variation ie Tai Ya, repeat Tai ya again to the right side. Also after the 5th instruction ie Tai Hi, repeat Tai Hi again.

Third Variation

In the third variation the leg movements remaining the same as the the first variation, only the hand movements differ. The Bols are Tai Ya Tai Hi. The hand gestures used are Katakamukha and Alapadma.

1. Be in Samapada (is a simple standing with both the legs together) with hands is Natyarambhe.

2. Begin with the right hand side. Bring your right hand close to the chest in Alapadma hasta facing up. Left hand is raised up over the head in katakamukha hasta facing up. Lift the right feet and place it one foot further to the right. Say Tai


3. Slide the left leg to the right. Now the feet is in Samapada position. Hands in the same position above. Say Ya.

4. Now balance the feet on the heels , both toes raised. This is called the Anchita or Tadittam. Hands in the same position. Move the right wrist (in Alapadma) up slightly. Glance up. Say Tai.

5. Tap both the feet together with a slight jump. Palms are again in the position like in 2 above. Say Hi.

Mirror the above instruction to the left hand side aswell.

Fourth Variation

Again the fourth varaition is twice the third variation. Therefore the fourth variation is the double of third variation. The bols are Tai Ya, Tai Ya; Tai Hi, Tai Hi. After the 3rd instruction above ie Tai Ya, repeat Tai ya again to the right side. And after the 5th instruction above ie Tai Hi, repeat Tai Hi again.


  1. keerthi

    hi anjali,
    this website helps me a lot.Well done.i learn dance in kalakshetra style but some adavus are a bit same the hand gestures i am weak at that.One of my friend gave me her book that tell how to do adavus and hand the book and this website my only hope.2morrow my exam im bit nervous.

  2. katayaini

    wow ur website very nice anjali.if u can can u add some kalakshetra style adavus please.i learn the kalakshetra style indian classical dance.

    best luck,,

  3. Anjali

    Hello Katy, thanks a lot. Glad you liked it. Your contributions in terms of comments on differences you see shall add value the site. I feel every adavu has an objective. Understanding them is more important. Keeping in mind the fundamentals every style has their own way of rendering them. These difference are just irrelevant at an advanced level.

  4. calvin hodgdon (cairo)

    Hello from Cairo: What a mess!
    But, I’m forging on with the adavus and doing
    OK so far. Some steps I don’t like and most
    I do.. I’m up to Sarikal now.
    In Dec I’m off to Chennai to study with my
    former guru (Adyar Lakshman) and to
    attend the Natya Kala Conference.
    I will be there for 2 months +
    That’s it.

  5. Anjali

    @calvin, I wish you all the best for your trip to Chennai. Have fun for the season. Keep practicing and you will get better !!!!

  6. Mrunmayi

    Hi anjali, I used to learn Bharatanatyam before my transfer to UK and I had a great interest in learning bharatanatyam but no classes or special practices here in UK,then I was told about this website and it helped me a lot so thank you very much! 🙂

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