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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Image Credit: optical_illusion on Flickr

This year has been wonderful and as we step into a new one, I wanted to thank each of you who made it possible!

More than two years since Online Bharatanatyam started we have now completed the Advaus with all the videos and sollukettu needed. The website now has the explanatory videos for more than 75 basic steps.  Almost a year since we started the one to one Bharatanatyam classes, I have many wonderful students from various places across the globe. I would like to thank all parents and students who believed in the possibility of imparting dance lessons online.  Thank you for your faith and support while I was away for two months.

I thank Ajay and Aarthy, Suparna, Meena for the articles they have contributed. My thanks to all the fellow bloggers, readers and dancers who have helped enrich this journey during the past two years.

Wishing you peace and joy for the year ahead. Happy New Year!!!!


  1. Santosh Rathi

    You probably started by doing what was necessary,
    Then u did what was possible,
    And now u are doing the impossible!!!!

    I pray to god to help u succeed in all ur endeavors!
    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

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