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Sarikal Adavu First variation (explanation)

The Bols (Syllables or sollukettu)of the Adavu is Tai Ya Tai Hi. Watch the video as you are going through the explanation.

1. Be in Samapada (is a simple standing with both the legs together) with hands is Natyarambhe.

2. Begin with the right hand side. Bring your right hand close to the chest. Left hand is still in Natyarambhe. Palms are in Pataka hasta facing up (Uttana position of palms). Lift the right feet and place it one foot further to the right. Say Tai.

3. Slide the left leg to the right. Now the feet is in Samapada position. Hands in the same position above, but now turned down( Adhomukha position of palm). Say Ya.

4. Now balance the feet on the heels , both toes raised. This is called the Anchita or Tadittam. Hands in the same position. Move the wrists up slightly. Glance up. Say Tai.

5. Tap both the feet together with a slight jump. The wrists are brought down such that palms are again in the position like in 2 above. Say Hi.

Now mirror the above instructions to the left side as well.


  1. jaya

    i and my 7year old daughter wants learn bharatnatyam…pl let me know are there any classes near to santhome in cheenai

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