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Tatta Adavu – Sixth Step

This is the final post on Tatta adavu wherein I shall explain the last step of the series. The previous steps are posted earlier and you can refer to them in the archives if you have not read them yet. Watch the Tatta Adavu Video here.

The bols (sollukattu) here differ from the previous steps. They are “tai tai tat tat tai tai tam“. Here we need to tap thrice on right side then once on left side and again thrice on right side (when you start with the right side).

1. Stay in Ardhamandal position and place the palms on the waist with inside of the palm facing outside.

2. Starting with your right side tap the leg with flat feet (say”tai”) , tap the same feet again (say”tai”), again tap the right leg with flat feet (say”tat”). Now tap the left leg with flat feet (say”tat”). Once the left leg is grounded tap your right feet (say”tai”), once again tap the right feet to (say”tai”) and finally tap your right feet flat on the floor (say”tam”). This ends one count for this step.

3. Now starting with your left side tap the leg with flat feet (say”tai”) , tap the same feet again (say”tai”), again tap the left leg with flat feet (say”tat”). Now tap the right leg with flat feet (say”tat”). Once the right leg is grounded tap your left feet (say”tai”) once again tap the left feet to (say”tai”) and finally tap your left feet flat on the floor (say”tam”). Here ends the second count.

Practice this step for around 25 counts till you have a good feel for this step. Now you can combine all the steps and practice each to a count of 20 each.

Hope I could give you some sense of the Tatta Adavu. I shall describe the Natta Adavu over my next posts.


  1. Anjali

    Hi Hira, Its good to know that you keep coming on this blog. Such differences are often seen among dancers who have learned from different schools. This is because of the style of Bharatanatyam followed. There are some five to six styles of Bharatanatyam like The Mellatur, the Vazhavoor, the Tanjaore, the Pandanaloor, etc. And each of these styles have certain characteristics. For example the Mellatur style concentrates on highly expressive abhinaya, while the Vazhavoor have softer facial expressions, etc etc….. .Some schools even combine two different styles while teaching. do find out which style you follow. And the most important is “Follow your Guru”. Else beginners like you will get confused. I would also like to add the every Adavu has a purpose, focus on them …irrespective of the number of steps.
    Keeping writing to me about the difference you see further…It would be a great learning for me. Thanks…

  2. hira

    o i see know but isn’t 6 step suppose to have six step…just wondering?? but yes i will let you know the differences also my guru told me that we have 7 tatta adavu.

  3. Anusha

    Here, you are explaining Tatta Adavu step 7 and not 6. You are describing 1,2,3 on one leg, 4 on the other and 5,6, and 7 back on the first leg. This is step 7.

    In step 6, it is 1,2,3 followed by a gap and again 4,5,6 – all on the same foot. So it would be like , Thai Ya Thai then Thai, Ya, Thai all on the same foot.

    I guess you have to change your title to Tatta Adavu – Seventh Step.

  4. Deepa

    Hi Anjali.. This is a great site. I am learning from your site and will definitely post my progress. In the above comment you mentioned that there are many styles. I just wanted to know which is the style you are folowing in these lessons.

  5. Anjali

    Thanks Deepa. Glad to know that this site is helping you. Please keep providing feed back on your progress. I follow the Pandanaloor Style.

  6. Raymol

    Hi Anjali,

    I have learnt 8 Thattadavus and this the seventh one. I am just a beginner and not sure what style my Guru is following.

  7. Prasanya

    Mam, i fogot pathakam thiripathakam and anjali kabotham slokas where can i get those. i m away from my notes which i learnt. tks

  8. Alexander the Average

    I was colluding with Hira and wondering why you were saying this sixth step is the last in tattadavu… well, different schools would explain it!

    Anjali, I appreciate what you’re doing here. Thank you very much; I love reading this blog and learning more about bharatanatyam.

  9. Vani


    Can you please upload sollukattu audio for the sixth step of Tatta Adavu. It will be very useful to practice with the audio 🙂

  10. diana

    hi anjali,

    Please can u post a sollukettu for this variation titled tattu adavu sixth step.



  11. shilpa

    Hi Anjali,

    I would like to learn Bharathanatyam.
    Is this possible to learn at 27 years(age) after my ceserian operation.

  12. Rasanjalee Nirmani

    I do think so. That is ” TAI TAI TAI TAI DHIT DHIT TAI” Nevertheless this step is not the sixth variation it seems. I think this is the Seventh step. Appreciate your effort. Keep it up. Thumbs up!!!

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