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Teermanam Adavu Seventh, Eight and the Ninth step

Lets take a look at the remaining steps of Teermanam Adavu. Here is the explanation for the Seventh, Eight and the ninth step. They are very similar to each other. Therefore explained them in the same post.

1. Be in Ardhamandala. Hands have to be held in a “L” shape. When beginning with the right side,

a. Both right and left hands are held in Pataka hasta facing down.

b. Right arm is stretched and held in front of the face.

c. left hand is stretched sideways.

d. both the arms are held at the shoulder level. See to it that the elbows donot drop down.

In case of Seventh step, the Bols are Dhit Dhit Tai. (I have explained with reference to the images below that shows the left side.)

2. Tap your left leg once. say Tai. Hands are placed in “L” shape

3. Take your left leg forward in Natta position. Right hand is taken behind below shoulder level in Alapadma mudra. No change with the Left hand position. Say Dhit.

4. Tap your right leg. Now place your right hand above head level in katakamukha hasta facing up. No change with left hand position. Say Dhit.

5. Bring the right hand to the front and place it below the shoulder level, slightly to the left side, in Alapadma gesture. Now tap the left leg. Say Tai.

Mirror the above explanation for the right side.

In case of eight step, we tap the leg twice like we did for the third step earlier(only hand movements change). The bols are Tai Tai Dhit Dhit Tai

Tap your left leg, say Tai. Then tap your right leg, say Tai again. Later follow the explanation 3 to 5 above.

In case of ninth step, we tap the leg thrice, like we did for the Fourth step (only hand movements change). The Bols are Tai Tai Tai Dhit Dhit Tai

Tap you left leg first right, say Tai. Then right leg, say Tai. Again the left leg, say Tai. Follow explanation 3 to 5 above.

I shall put a video soon. Mean while watch the video for the sixth step where you can understand the explanation for the 3 to 5 above.


  1. nalini

    Your adavu sollukatu audios are great. It is very convenient to practice as it just needs a player. Your voice and diction is very clear. I earnestly request you to post more audios in your inimicable style for Teermanam and Tattimetti adavu with three speeds (Vilambha, madhyama and Druta)as also for tattadavu sixth (the link is missing please)….. Infact any more different audio-only sollukttu , that are easy to carry around for practice

  2. manisha haldar

    Your adavus are excellent.You are a great dancer and a teacher.Your videos are big help for my daughter.Hope to see more videos from you. Best wishes.

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